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    Use of Multiple LS units with single T2 base

    Sending now
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    Accuracy Issues

    I wouldn't be able to sleep at night certifying to 0.002' with any equipment I have.
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    Use of Multiple LS units with single T2 base

    I tried this and it worked but in DPOS it didn't associate the rover points.
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    Waiting time to submit to DPOS

    I'd lean toward post processing the base rover vector with dpos over cors processing for the point in canopy. If I'm relying on ppk only definitely shoot it twice.
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    Waiting time to submit to DPOS

    My pole is out more than that. I'd bet it's at least .5mm
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    Waiting time to submit to DPOS

    From what I remember he said the broadcast deals just as good solutions as the others. I may be remembering wrong and there maybe other reasons.
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    Waiting time to submit to DPOS

    That's a great summary Steve. I recall @Alexey Razumovsky saying the broadcast ephemeris is always used in dpos.
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    Waiting time to submit to DPOS

    I usually run dpos that evening. Sometimes the next morning. The results are pretty similar. If you try it to early it will say waiting on cors or use cors that are available but too far away to give good results. In that case wait and try later. It doesn't matter.
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    T2 base station data quality

    The rms values on the dpos report are a good indicator. Wide open skies usually reports a couple mm. More than a couple cm is higher than I like to see. Sometimes you got what you got.
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    Javad Mobile Tools

    @Yuri Noyanov may be able to help.
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    Use of Multiple LS units with single T2 base

    If you are using your T2 and your 2 LS's just start it with one LS and on the second make sure the setup for communication is the same as the 1st LS. Then when done download with LS 1 and then transfer the base file to LS 2. In the points screen use the menu button to recover base point, attach...
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    rover rod conversion to j-pod

    It can be done. I did mine and several customers. Carefully remove the pad and put bracket on from top. There is glue on the pad so it could tear if not careful.
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    Downloading all Base Files as KML for Google Earth

    There is an option to export a google file from the LS. You can select which points get exported.
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    Recommended Repeater Setup

    There is also a bug that is messing with the radio antenna selection in the LS. Try tapping the radio icon then configuration, then toggle from internal to external press ok and then toggle back to internal.
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    Triumph ls WiFi issues

    Passwords are case sensitive, make sure that O is not confused. Try reboot as suggested. Try a completely different internet that you have never connected to. If still not able to connect you may want to connect to a LAN and put on RAMS so someone can look at it.