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    J Tip Connection Trouble

    I think it would show as purchased if the Jtip was purchased the same time as the LS. Otherwise it will be grey.
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    NC conference 2019

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    Using an LS as base

    Make sure raw data is set to record in the action profile under what to record.
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    Using an LS as base

    You can use jps2rin converter from the software page. Enter height in the collection screen. You can also enter it when submitting to dpos. Matt's.procedyre above will get the base file in the LS.
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    I really don't know when things will happen but it does seem things are progressing nicely.
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    The Volunteer testing has not started yet Gregory. I would suggest waiting until that process is over before purchasing.
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    Background Maps/Imagery Suggestion

    This has been requested before. I hope it happens one day. The Javad Mobile Tools app has it and it works nicely.
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    TCP Bandwidth or Mb per Minute

    I don't have any hard figures but RAMs does use up data more than the TCP stream. I turn off RAMS when I'm not using it.
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    Post pics of difficult shots

    The first pic has my 2 most favorite tools! The LS and a shovel. Nice work!
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    Kaps Conference

    That's awesome Matt. John and I had one setup at the Virginia Conference and we were able to point and say look out the window at the LS under a Magnolia tree. It was a talking point.
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    bluetooth transfer

    Hi Jim, I like to transfer data using dropbox. It is linked to my LS and as long as I have internet then I have access to my files. Otherwise I just use a thumbdrive.
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    Design Points and DPOS

    Use the offset white box or the survey by button. If you use these it will be a survey point. Cogo offsets creates design points.
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    TCP Bandwidth or Mb per Minute

    Do you have a place to even put a base that has cell service within a couple of miles of your site? I know the times I've been up there that cell service goes to pot well before you ever get to any parking or open areas.
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    TCP Bandwidth or Mb per Minute

    From what I see on the radio page of the website the JLink radio is available with a 1watt FHSS radio Doug. Range from the radio would be about the same as you see with your LS when using FHSS.
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    TCP Bandwidth or Mb per Minute

    Doug is FHSS.