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    Cool Pics

    The monopod works well for this too. Just collapse it all the way down.
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    Engines and Profiles

    Engine settings are stored in general group profile
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    Virginia Surveyors Conference

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    Importing Horizontal & Vertical Alignments AUTOCAD

    I too import 3d polylines for stakeout. I have not tried the xml import in a long while. I know zero about Civil 3d, what are feature lines and aren't they just simple 3d polylines?
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    ETA on Linux and Galileo

    From my testing Galileo is a very strong signal. I had a Galileo only fix carry me to the end of my observation for about 80 seconds of the total 240 re, This was of course in canopy.
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    J-Tip Help

    I like to use no tone less than 1.6. Every now and then I will set it to less than that if I'm looking for something deep. I like to use S XYZ for rough searches and D Z for a more precise search. The Jtip sound white box is my preferred method because It allows you to still see the stakeout values.
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    Migrate to Linux

    Still so, maybe someday we meet and I buy you a large beer. You deserve it.
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    SBAS Code Diff Position

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    Migrate to Linux

    You will never find that kind of support elsewhere. Good job Eugene
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    SBAS Code Diff Position

    From what I saw It fixed the perfomance with sbas
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    SBAS Code Diff Position

    It crept in last week, I believe.
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    SBAS Code Diff Position

    Good catch Steve.
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    SBAS Code Diff Position

    Turn it on. It uses the sbas sats to provide a code float solution.
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    I like it where it is. If its hidden then I will forget to use it, I'm sure. I think you should change Eject Dongle to Eject Drive and keep the rest as is.
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    DPOS Servers Down?

    Shawn, I got a call from someone this morning who has already updated to take care of the rollover. He asked if DPOS was down. I havent had a chance to check. I just checked and web DPOS is working.