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    Battery going bad?

    Hi Neil, OK, it would appear both batteries have depleted capacity. You could keeping going for a while with this lower charge capacity or replace them to get back up to full capacity. The battery replacement kit is here, We can email about...
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    Battery going bad?

    Hi toivo1037, I would suspect one of your batteries is no longer operational. You can charge overnight and then connect with NetView and Modem and check the voltage in battery a & b and let us know the result. Sorry about the delayed response regarding Galileo. As we discussed, does your...
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    Upgrading T1M

    Hi Clifton, That’s a great question and one that I suspect many TRIUMPH-1M customers are asking themselves. The TRIUMPH-1M is still a solid RTK receiver powered by the 864 channel TRIUMPH 2 ASIC and can track most of the signals available from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou space vehicles. It...
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    Triumph 2 no longer getting GLONASS sats

    Hi Jim, You likely received your OAFs from our automated email system when your order was paid and closed. OAFs cannot be extracted/exported with NetView & Modem. Customers that purchase through dealers can receive their OAFs from their dealer or request them from JAVAD GNSS directly.
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    Triumph 2 no longer getting GLONASS sats

    Hi Steve, I have sent you an email with your TRIUMPH-2's Option Authorization File (OAF). You can install it with NetView & Modem,
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    Triumph-1M Galileo & Beidou Options

    Hi oajioka, What is the serial number of your TRIUMPH-1M? You can email me directly if you'd like that information to remain confidential.
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    NC conference

    Hey Adam, I wish you and your follow North Carolina surveyors a productive and informative conference. Look at all that awesome JAVAD GNSS gear you've got on display. I like the big new poster on the left of your booth, I've got one just like it!
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    DEMO Mode

    Hi Mitchell, could you please call me or provide me with a phone number I can use to call you?
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    DEMO Mode

    Hi Mitchell, could you please connect your TRIUMPH-LS to the internet via the Ethernet port (RJ45 connector on the left side) and then call or text me to let me know it is online?
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    DEMO Mode

    Hi Mitchell, please connect your TRIUMPH-LS to remote assistance, share the password with me if you use one, and then give me a call or text me to let me know it is online. I'll connect and resolve this issue quickly.
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    Javad T-3

    Hi Ralph, Our repair team has been working diligently on your TRIUMPH-LS but unfortunately was not able to complete the rework and test process more quickly. They advised this work will be completed tomorrow morning. I will follow up tomorrow morning after 10 am, Pacific Time, and then I or...
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    Hi Aaron, I'll follow up with our dealers to see that you get the multiple quotes you require for your procurement process. You should receive responses in the next day.
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    Hi Bryan, We have washers/foot ledges available for the J-Pod now and they will ship with each J-Pod leg. I'll see that you are sent six of them for your two J-Pods.
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    AP Name

    Hi Phillip, Verizion uses the following APN's per region. 1. ne01.vzwstatic (North East) 2. nw01.vzwstatic (North West) 3. so01.vzwstatic...
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    LSAW 2019 - Land Surveyors Association of Washington

    Met some terrific current and future customers in Tulalip, Washington (about an hour outside of Seattle) at the LSAW 2019 conference today. Please stop by and I'll show you all of Javad's latest fantastic surveying tools.