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    Check your Verizon bill!

    It is possible to save some on monthly fees going direct with carrier, but that doesn't include cost of your time. As can be seen in this thread, there are so many stories depending on who you happen to talk to. I too figured out a way, but no one I passed it onto could replicate it. Not...
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    LS as a network rover?

    And if you're using RTN don't forget to monitor station status. I'm not sure what MA has for that, but NY has a twitter feed or you can go to the website, VT will send email notifications. But you have to sign up for the notifications, they don't come automatically because you have an account...
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    LS as a network rover?

    Nearest should give better results within 5-6 miles of the station. imax and vrs are using intepolated data, so a better use when all stations 20 miles away (although I would (do) use base/rover in that case instead).
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    Bad survey data

    Try copy that profile and change a couple things; maybe can shave a bit off the 180 seconds. verify with engine reset confidence level 6, min rtk 2, validate 1 rtpk environment medium and check must agree min rtpk verification level 2 That will take 120 seconds minimum for rtpk. Name the...
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    LS as a network rover?

    Lots of variables to good performance, but one thing to try is using single base when within 5 miles of CORS. There's a "nearest" option or you can pick individual stations.
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    Is my new T3 modem dead? Attn: cellular correction guys...

    I doubt the new modem is dead, but anything possible. It should turn green. But if sim card not related to static ip, it will not work. The actual cards are no different. Sim card can function static or dynamic. The hotspot working with it would not be a good indicator of whether the modem is...
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    Is my new T3 modem dead? Attn: cellular correction guys...

    If still not getting green light on the T3, then try this: Go into cell and tap on tcp disable cell modem remove sim card tap settings and set correct apn re-insert sim card enable cell modem Sim card is not working with the T3 until you get the green light. And socket failed error is the...
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    RTPK Real Time Processed Kinematic

    If you don't have rtpk you would always have that box checked. It is giving a second solution for a check. Still a lot of folks without the rtpk option. Things that already have solutions are being shifted to actual post processed base position by the other checkboxes below (base-rover...
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    PreRelease 4.0

    Here's one I saved.
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    RTPK Real Time Processed Kinematic

    You have it sort of backwards I think. Probably, processing static with DPOS came first in the software. Then a capability to process rtk, hence the checkbox added. Then rtpk came along. The fix apparently was to allow process of all failed rtk and base but not rtpk without checking the box...
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    AT&T Static IP SIM Cards

    For Verizon try Data Activation Center (DAC). I've been very happy with them, talk with Chandy or anyone there really. 866-966-8881 Last we spoke they don't do ATT static cards (i think only can do that through ATT), but have everything else.
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    Topo profile

    If you change your variety as Matt suggested, and change rtpk environment category, then 10 epochs is still fine. It will not automatically end until all requirements are met. So it will keep clicking away until 1.3 variety is reached, and after 1 min or whatever rtpk you set it will start...
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    sim card in rover

    Customer Mike Magoon wants to use sim card in TLS rover, instead of hotspot on phone. So they took a sim card out of phone and put in slot 1 on TLS. So I copied the profile setup for using phone hotspot, and changed from wifi to cellular at appropriate places. But I’m confused on the APN. What...
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    How long you are in surveying applications?

    Remains to be seen luckily:) 37 years so far.
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    I have a couple questions about using antennae with the Triumph-3 & LS+

    You should be using a ground plane disk for that setup (on the pole). If you mount the antenna on the roof of your car or similar, then you don't need it. Attaching another option viewshed tool instructions using google earth.
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    GPS on Benchmarks

    Does this graph include more than GPS? Looks like the GPS graph. I could be wrong but I thought the time was linked to geometry, which even with one more constellation should require much less time. At any rate, 2 hours rather than 4 was what NGS told me at the webinar, but still don't see a...
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    GPS on Benchmarks

    At a seminar earlier this year I asked our NE regional coordinator Dan Martin about submitting DPOS solutions. He mentioned multi constellation a 2 hour session would be sufficient. But I don't see a way to submit one as yet. Possibly through DS World using the handheld geocache area with an...
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    Broken threads on LS

    I imagine a lot of hard use on the rentals. Bring it to an auto parts store and get a helicoil to replace it.
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    Dpos and Giodis

    sort of related. My LS page is set to Geoid 12B, but DPOS from the LS returns saying Geoid 18 used. I put in wrong antenna height when starting the Base of 6.91' vertical, when should have been 4.51' slant. Didn't matter in the field because I did a shift on known location previously surveyed...
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    Deleting base files.

    That would be helpful!