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  1. Nate The Surveyor

    We want to operate the Triumph LS Rover from the J-Mobile app

    I made a bldg. profile. Start has 10" delay. Flashlight is set to blink. Confidence is 15. Min epoch is 15. At least 2 sats. Maybe a bit more... This is from memory. Raw data for ppk is on. It runs on a 12' pole.. It's fast. Does not require Wi-Fi. Back under windows, I used mifi I like the...
  2. Nate The Surveyor

    Trajectories and an ATV

    You are going to get more answers, and better answers, but.... Trajectory is very useful. Tell it to Save all, not fixed only. However, it came into acad, 180° out. I still have not figured out how (I suspect it is an acad issue) to make it come in right. Nate
  3. Nate The Surveyor

    Cool Pics

    Here's a pic that shows more. It's just a piggy back tube to hold pin flags. N
  4. Nate The Surveyor

    Cool Pics

    It's a piece of 1/2" cpvc. Hot water pipe. It holds pin flags. Nate
  5. Nate The Surveyor

    Cool Pics

    and, this is how we left it. N
  6. Nate The Surveyor

    Writing out the check for the last payment on my gear.

    Randy, I'm sorta in the same boat. But, I'm getting to be a J-mate tester. It's gonna be a war in my head.... I'll like them both! You can't be a surveyor, and not want the BEST!
  7. Nate The Surveyor

    Cool Pics

    A natural bridge. A 1/4 cor. And, a cool pine? Thanks for sharing. N
  8. Nate The Surveyor

    Push TO BASE required each time I set up

    Mine used to do this... Sort of. I only had to press "to base", every time. It seems ok now. Nate
  9. Nate The Surveyor

    bluetooth transfer

    I want it to be able to update coords in laptop, in real time. As the shots are taken, it populates the screen. (When set up and configured)
  10. Nate The Surveyor

    Cool Pics

    Its an old fence post, that a tree grew over.
  11. Nate The Surveyor

    Measuring manhole inverts with JMate

    Well, it's obvious. Distance goes in the sewer.... :)
  12. Nate The Surveyor

    bluetooth transfer

    Anything that would allow bluetooth coord transfers, with a Carlson DC, fast, simple, and easy, would get used. Just my thoughts.
  13. Nate The Surveyor

    Writing to external SD card

    Jim, It is known that the LS won't work with a couple of brands of thumb drives. I don't know why. I'm more of a surveyor, than a computer tech. However, if you try a couple of brands of USB drives, that write to an SD card, or micro SD card, I'd guess that you'd find one that worked. To...
  14. Nate The Surveyor

    LS screen freeze

    Either, or both. Anytime screen mis-behaves, hi av button.
  15. Nate The Surveyor

    LS screen freeze

    I dropped my plumb bob onto my LS. It put a small dent, in the LS, right beside the screen. Now, when the LS changes temperature, I have to re-calibrate the screen. 1x or 2x per day. Especially, after coming in from heat, to air conditioning, or from air conditioning, to outdoor heat. It's need...
  16. Nate The Surveyor

    Cool Pics

    The little birds, in the spring are so vulnerable. Their only defense, is to flee. Yet, they try. It just reminds me: Luke 12:7 "But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows." Nate
  17. Nate The Surveyor

    Are you a J-Mate tester?

    Hey! I'm one of them! I recently had a job I'd have loved it. 5 survey pins, inside about 200' radius. Under trees. Shot most of them 2x. Let's see... 5 pins times 4 minutes per shot, times 2, plus one extra shot. Equals 44 minutes. With J-mate, that would be faster... Nate
  18. Nate The Surveyor

    Cool Pics

    What's going on here is it's a 1" pipe, up 32", solid in the ground. Set about 1959. The bipod legs are not long enough, to reach to the ground. I cut off a small tree, and set one leg on top of it. (Small saw cut on top, to keep from slipping). Then, cut a 2' stake, from a small tree, drove it...
  19. Nate The Surveyor


    I'd like to see all of the Triumph products DESIGNED for 25 hr battery life (as a new product) The LS is this way. This alone, can save a day. N