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  1. Donald E Robinson

    Ghost Coordinates

    I'm not sure where I am supposed to post this, but, BIG problem today. I located numerous corners and roadway only to find out that I have a coordinate 3.48' from my base and 100' off on elevation. I don't know where this came from! During setup, I selected a known point for my base station...
  2. Donald E Robinson

    Where are the 10s?

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but... When I select points, the selection screen list 1 through 9 and the next page list 11 through 19 and the next page list 21 through 29 and so on. The is no 10, 20, 30, and so, on in the list. I have to use the search tool to view & select...
  3. Donald E Robinson

    DPOS down?

    I am unable to login to DPOS. Login button is greyed out and unresponsive.
  4. Donald E Robinson

    Micro SD Card not recognized after Migrating to Linux

    My Micro SD Card is not recognized after I Migrated to Linux. Do I need to reformat it?
  5. Donald E Robinson

    Compass ±30° off

    Yesterday, while setting up the Base and Triumph LS, I noticed that the LS's compass direction for north seemed to be too far to the right. I had just calibrated it, which I do regularly. I got my handheld magnetic compass out and, sure enough, the LS was ±30° right of magnetic north. Any...
  6. Donald E Robinson

    Partial display

    The other day I opened the COGO screen and only the top left quadrant of the screen displayed with large pixelated edges. I had to reboot to gain access to the full menus on the COGO screen. Has anyone experienced this?
  7. Donald E Robinson

    Wrong Location

    I collected data for ±3 hours with both the T2 and LS, and processed the data with great results. I set-up the base and rover as usual. Everything checked OK. I set mag nails at 3 locations on a country road with tall trees on both east and west sides. I obtained good locks and collected...
  8. Donald E Robinson

    Locate the *.jps File

    Sometimes I just feel stupid! I have a very hard time trying to find the static file (*.jps) in the Triumph LS. Where is it located?
  9. Donald E Robinson

    T2 is not working!

    Since I have updated the Firmware, on the Triumph 2, I have not been able to collected any data. The JAVAD program on my tablet has also been updated recently. Last Friday, I attempted to collect static data for 3 hours. After I set the parameters, using my tablet, I clicked on the Static...
  10. Donald E Robinson

    Transmit Format

    Transmit Formats have changed so much. What format should I be using and can anyone explain the different formats? Thanks!
  11. Donald E Robinson

    Unable to download files with the new Netview/Modem Program

    Just update the NetView program. I am able to connect as see my files, but they will not download! Help!
  12. Donald E Robinson

    Triumph LS won't stay connected

    When I connect my TR LS to my computer, via USB, it disconnect every 15 seconds or so and then reconnects in about 15 seconds, over and over again. Any ideas?
  13. Donald E Robinson

    Triumph-2 Case Cracking

    3 of 4 corners of my Triumph-2 case is cracking along with the midpoints where the fastening screw are. This unit has never been dropped and kept in the bag when not in use. I think it is caused by overtightening the screws when it was assembled. Has anyone else had this problem
  14. Donald E Robinson

    Leap Second

    International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) announced there will be an extra second added to the end of this year, so clocks will read 23:59:60 on December 31, 2016. Such leap seconds are occasionally needed to ensure Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the official measure...
  15. Donald E Robinson

    Seeing Pink

    Yesterday, while performing a TOPO, I noticed, at one location, that the points on the collection screen were pink instead of the normal blue. What does this indicate?
  16. Donald E Robinson

    Wish List

    Just thought... Since the Triumph LS has microphone ,how about voice recognition to to enter data and descriptions. You thoughts?
  17. Donald E Robinson

    Ground Coordinates

    How can I tell if I am receiving State Plane Coordinates or Ground Coordinates. There use to be a setting, but it was moved somewhere during Justin updates. I don't know where it is anymore or its current setting. Is there an icon that changes when it is converting points to ground...
  18. Donald E Robinson

    Localization, selecting multiple numbers

    When trying to select multiple numbers, the screen does not respond (check buttons). When it does it populates the list in random order.
  19. Donald E Robinson

    Grid (Combined) Factor

    Why doesn't DPOS Report show the Grid Factor?
  20. Donald E Robinson

    Javad Mobile Program

    After I get the TR-2 setup for a 2 hour static session and begin collecting data, am I supposed to leave the program on my tablet running? If I do I get some warning tone that I assume, is telling me when I am out of Bluetooth range. I lost a 2 hr static session because, I guess, I stopped...