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  1. Adam


    RTN has been down for a few days. I spoke with Bart and they are working on but have no time frame for it to be working again.
  2. Adam

    Prerelease and Testing Versions

    Use with caution folks....There are some issues that are being looked into. Until further notice I would not depend on these versions for any vertical work.
  3. Adam

    Measuring manhole inverts with JMate

    I probably won't be carrying a sh*t stick with me anymore. Notice the red dot on top of the pipe.
  4. Adam

    Virginia Surveyors Conference

  5. Adam

    Cloud drives

    May not be able to connect. Please have backup of any data you need for the field on a usb.
  6. Adam

    Trajectories and an ATV

    Trajectories made me some money today folks! 33 Acres - 5500 points. Time on site - 8:00 am to 3:30 pm which included an hour lunch and about an hour or two of set up and setting some control
  7. Adam

    The apple doesn't fall so far

    Laney took more shots than I did today! Laney's Project Mine Laney's shots are prefixed with L It's a good day!
  8. Adam

    SC Conference 2019

    I hope to see some of you fellow Javad users this week.
  9. Adam

    NC conference 2019

  10. Adam

    Oh the many uses for RAMS!

    Today it's completely unsurvey related. I started a brush pile a blaze. A little while later my wife tells me to come for supper. I'm watching the fire via RAMS.
  11. Adam

    2 LS's 1 Surveyor

    I bought a second LS last month in preparation for Galileo when it is ready. I have used it as a base for the old LS and it is a sweet setup that way. This week I decided to use 2 LS rovers instead of the LS base / rover setup. I had my trusty Triumph 2 base sending corrections thru TCP set up...
  12. Adam

    Gathering in Maryland

    There may be a gathering in Maryland at Penmar Park for those interested.
  13. Adam

    Crisis in Moscow

    I hear Moscow is running dry.
  14. Adam

    NCSS conference

    I will be heading to the NCSS conference at the Grove Park in Asheville this week. I hope to see some of y'all there.
  15. Adam

    Attach in stakeout

    Attach in stake out is now displayed when accept/reject is on the screen just like in collect. I staked a few sewer manholes today and attached a photo of the stake with the point. A few weeks ago I had a jackleg of a grader tell me I had missed some points. I had the screenshots to prove I had...
  16. Adam

    LS or Total station?

    I have gone to one or two jobs this year where a total station fit the bill. Only to pull it out and remember it's been so long that since I've used it that my batteries are probably dead. And they are so the LS comes to the rescue using it where most folks wouldn't. What's your story?
  17. Adam

    Virginia Surveyors

    Hey ya'll Virginia Surveyors, I will be attending the Virginia Conference in Feb. next year. If any of you folks in Virginia would like to invite your buddies for a field comparison with the LS I would be interested in hanging around on Saturday to meet up. @John Evers is planning on attending...
  18. Adam

    Who moved my base - Triumph 1 and LS update

    Triumph 1 users should use firmware version 3.6.11. and Jfield firmware The Base Gaurd feature will not work with the Triumph 1 hardware. The Base Gaurd alarm will need to be turned off. Tap the left panel in the base/rover screen, then tap Base Gaurds, uncheck Show base alerts.
  19. Adam

    Road Trip

    I am taking a road trip beginning in Clemson S.C. on Thursday, down thru Georgia Friday, and over to Alabama on Saturday to hang out with a few surveyor friends, talk shop, and make new surveyor friends. If anyone along the route wants to join in the fun let me know.
  20. Adam

    NC conference