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    Settings for sats on T2

    When viewed in Net View under Parameters/Main, 'Lock Systems', 'Lock Signals' and 'Position Signals' check-boxes are greyed out (not editable) and empty (and in Sat settings in J Mobile). 'Position Systems' is the only group that is editable. I'm getting all the satellites selected in Position...
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    TruPulse Rangefinder with J-Mobile?

    Has anyone managed to get a Laser Technology TruPule 360B rangefinder to work with J-Mobile? Its not in the list of compatable devices in the manual and doesn't show up in the bluetooth list in JM.
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    Using JMT with mock location

    I'm attempting to setup Javad Mobile Tools with Android Mock Locations feature. Mock Locations have been turned on in Developer Settings and JMT selected as the app to use it. When I try to tick the ON checkbox in Services/Mock location provider I get a 'Permission denied to access to mock...
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    GREIS command?

    I need to start/stop RTK corrections via a script to Arcpad. Does anyone know if there is a GREIS command to force corrections to start/stop? I've been looking through the guide but am not sure what to look for.
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    Set up T2 for RTK

    I have been given a temporary lease to try out RTK until Christmas. I've only ever used the T2 for DGNSS. With hours of trial & error I've managed to get cd & occasional float corrections but never fixed. The corrections come via mobile phone from a single base ntrip caster (no problem there). I...
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    Triumph 2 no longer getting GLONASS sats

    I have had no problems with my T2 over the last couple of years until recently. It has been the best GNSS unit I've used for reliability and ease of use. I updated the firmware last week to the latest stable version and only today I noticed that it isn't getting GLONASS sats. Not sure if its got...