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  1. David M. Simolo

    T-3 Documentation

    Is there anyone who can point me to documentation indicating how to setup and use my HPT435BT radio as a repeater and / or primary radio for my T-3? Also, I'm wondering if there should be a new forum category for the T-3. Thanks in advance, Dave.
  2. David M. Simolo

    Archiving / Deleting files from the Triumph-LS

    First off, navigating the files and menus is not one of my strongest suits so I may be doing things less than optimally. I tend to only archive and delete files from the LS once every few months so I might have several pages of files I am dealing with all at one time. I don't ever just delete...
  3. David M. Simolo

    T3 as base vs. LS as base

    Hi all. We have been real happy with our Javad equipment. Going forward I want to make sure I am taking advantage of all of the constellations that make sense as my work is often in canopy and gullies. We currently have 2 "crews": (1) myself and a helper with a T2 with the 35w radio and an...
  4. David M. Simolo

    DPOS troubles

    I've tried to get DPOS results for yesterday's field work a few times last night and this morning, both as CORS processed and just base-rover. I can only get as far as "60 points and base data sent to DPOS" and then it hangs. Anyone else having any issues?
  5. David M. Simolo

    rover shots not processing through DPOS

    My partner had his T1-M base occupying a previously known point without a good elevation. His DPOS results only analyze the base setup point and recognized that the elevation should have been 1270.395 US Survey Feet higher. Is there a way to determine PPK DPOS results on the Triumph LS rover...
  6. David M. Simolo

    trouble finding exported files

    My business partner exported a text file of surveyed points that were sent to DPOS via his Triumph LS on the internet. Then he archived the job. Unfortunately when he went to the USB drive that he had plugged into the LS the files were not there and he doesn't know where to find them...
  7. David M. Simolo

    DPOS results question

    I revisited a job yesterday using the T2 base and Triumph-LS rover combination, setting the base on a known point from a previous visit to the same site. In my geographic area I almost exclusively use NYS Plane Central zone. Technically I was just across a county line on this job site and this...
  8. David M. Simolo

    Incomplete Base file problem

    Yesterday I used my T-LS & T-2 combo as usual, all seemed to go as normal. Back in the office I went to DPOS my results and noticed the DPOS screen characteristics looked odd but wasn't really paying attention--in hindsight it was because it only showed 2 points in the point file. I continued...
  9. David M. Simolo

    deleting linework and points

    I was thrown a bit of a curve ball in the field today. I often import points on one page and linework on another page to use to help find points in the field. After I tightened up some calculations on my laptop I wanted to replace the previous sloppier points and lines. Normally I go to the...
  10. David M. Simolo

    accessing T-2 base file to DPOS

    Yesterday my helper started the download process of the T2 base file via bluetooth into the LS. When I got to the LS it was no longer connected, perhaps he fat-fingered something, I don't know. This morning I went to the LS DPOS screen and hit "DPOS" for that file hoping that the LS would walk...
  11. David M. Simolo

    Say hello to my little friend...

    I needed it, the LS and the J-tip found it. Another game changer from Javad.
  12. David M. Simolo

    Wow! What a ride this past year!

    On December 19, 2015 John Evers showed up at my house to set up my just-acquired T2 base/Triumph-LS units. We spent the next day firing it up and putting it through some of its paces. It was clear to me, despite the overwhelming amount of information, that this little baby was going to do...
  13. David M. Simolo

    Wait, CORS Data Is Not Available

    I have been trying for the last 9 hours to DPOS a T2 base/Triumph-LS session from 12/29/16. During phase 2 of the DPOS session I keep getting the error message that is the title of this thread. After a few minutes the LS will restart the process. Is it me or is there something else going on...
  14. David M. Simolo

    DPOS keeps losing connection

    I have tried several times this morning over the course of about 5 hours to upload a base session from yesterday to DPOS for post processing using an Ethernet cable to my office network. It gets as far as 100% sent then it says it lost the connection and to try again later. Given the...
  15. David M. Simolo

    radio cutting out

    I am going to start a thread with the confession that I don't know much about radio use. I am probably premature with posting this now but it might help me narrow down my search for the problem. I have a Triumph-LS and a Triumph-2 as a base using the HPT435BT radio. I have both these...
  16. David M. Simolo

    Offset screen results

    I was using my Triumph-LS in a difficult wooded side hill environment today to mark some lines between corners. Part of the time I was using stakeout mode to stake a line with 2 points. Other times I was getting close to line, then going into Collect mode to just set a nail control point from...
  17. David M. Simolo

    Page focus discussion

    I am quite the newbie with my Triumph-LS and J-Field so bear with me if I get some of this wrong. My inherent terminology may not jive with the terms used by J-field. J-Field also has a lot of point features that are much more complex than what I am used to. The whole notion of 5 different...
  18. David M. Simolo

    Radio emissions code for FCC license

    Hi, I am in the process of purchasing, among other things, the HPT435BT radio for my Triumph-2 Base. This will be used in conjunction with the Triumph-LS. The FCC licensing agent is asking me for the emissions code. Apparently the info is not on the data sheet and perhaps someone here knows...