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  1. Adam

    Color by Code

    Folk's the ability to assign a color to each code "layer" is wonderful. It makes the map so much more intuitive. I bet a crisp $20 that most surveyors can relate to whats drawn and find the creek, the sewer easement, the building, back curb, edge of asphalt, whatever now very easily. I bet...
  2. Adam

    Cogo Rotate Bug

    Users, there is a bug in the release version when performing rotate. Sometimes some of the selected points are not being rotated. The issue has been fixed but not been sent to release yet. Be careful and review the report shown when rotating to make sure all the points got rotated......And...
  3. Adam

    NC conference

  4. Adam

    2 Engines Versus 6 Engines

    I did some testing yesterday with an LS Base sending out corrections via UHF (D8PSK) and the RTCM MSM3 Short message format. The Base is in a good open sky location. The test units were 2 LS's in a deep creek bottom with a lot of Holly trees (thick inpenatrable leaves) and various mature...
  5. Adam

    Uses for T2

    Obviously as a base.. Here's another use I came up with...Semi Machine control...
  6. Adam


    RTN has been down for a few days. I spoke with Bart and they are working on but have no time frame for it to be working again.
  7. Adam

    Prerelease and Testing Versions

    Use with caution folks....There are some issues that are being looked into. Until further notice I would not depend on these versions for any vertical work.
  8. Adam

    Measuring manhole inverts with JMate

    I probably won't be carrying a sh*t stick with me anymore. Notice the red dot on top of the pipe.
  9. Adam

    Virginia Surveyors Conference

  10. Adam

    Cloud drives

    May not be able to connect. Please have backup of any data you need for the field on a usb.
  11. Adam

    Trajectories and an ATV

    Trajectories made me some money today folks! 33 Acres - 5500 points. Time on site - 8:00 am to 3:30 pm which included an hour lunch and about an hour or two of set up and setting some control
  12. Adam

    The apple doesn't fall so far

    Laney took more shots than I did today! Laney's Project Mine Laney's shots are prefixed with L It's a good day!
  13. Adam

    SC Conference 2019

    I hope to see some of you fellow Javad users this week.
  14. Adam

    NC conference 2019

  15. Adam

    Oh the many uses for RAMS!

    Today it's completely unsurvey related. I started a brush pile a blaze. A little while later my wife tells me to come for supper. I'm watching the fire via RAMS.
  16. Adam

    2 LS's 1 Surveyor

    I bought a second LS last month in preparation for Galileo when it is ready. I have used it as a base for the old LS and it is a sweet setup that way. This week I decided to use 2 LS rovers instead of the LS base / rover setup. I had my trusty Triumph 2 base sending corrections thru TCP set up...
  17. Adam

    Gathering in Maryland

    There may be a gathering in Maryland at Penmar Park for those interested.