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  1. Michael Stazhkov


    This is the minor release dedicated to RTPK improvements and support of the new BT chips before the major one. Soon we are going to move into PreRelease our current development / testing version with a lot of improvements including UI redesign. J-Field Since -...
  2. Michael Stazhkov


    since - fixed Real-time shift applying to existing points - fixed premature completion of the Verify Phase I when Signals Variety is 0 since - fixed Collect auto-stop when Signals Variety is set to 0 - returned link to cluster averaging function on "Dist...
  3. Michael Stazhkov


    Since - improved RTPK (additional checks of a fixed solution validity, improved performance) - improved Verify in Collect - improved CoGo tasks - improved Map - improved Surface stake-out - improved network clients (NTRIP, RCV) - improved DPOS result...
  4. Michael Stazhkov


    Since - RTPK 3.0 (additional checks of a fixed solution validity, improved performance)
  5. Michael Stazhkov


    J-Field ( - added surface stake-out (supported ESRI ASCII and LandXml formats) - added possibility to create missing zoom levels in a background map - improved RTPK - improved Collect with Verify procedure - improved Point Info screens - improved DPOS result applying - improved...
  6. Michael Stazhkov

    Release (hotfix)

    since - fixed CoGo Rotate bug - fixed attaching of points to DPOS session when GLONASS Time System is selected.
  7. Michael Stazhkov

    Release: JField and Linux OS

    JField - added: Undo for point/line delete actions - added: possibility to delete polyline segment - added GNSS firmware automatic re-start if GNSS FW doesn't response - improved: Draw functionality (map screen) - improved: Snap functionality (map screen) -...
  8. Michael Stazhkov

    PreRelease: JField and Linux OS

    Linux OS: - added: Factory recovery tool. Allows to do recovery to Release / PreRelease / Testing versions of software (JField, Linux OS, GeoData, Fonts) through internet. Customer data will not be touched. JField: - added: Undo for point/line delete actions. - improved: Draw functionality (map...
  9. Michael Stazhkov

    Release J-Field and Linux OS

    Release notes. J-Field - added: preferable corrections stream interface - fixed: detection of leased values in receivers option - implemented: Draw add Snap to Endpoint, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Intersection, Center, and Tangent - fixed: Unhandled exception (switch)...
  10. Michael Stazhkov

    Release (JField + Linux

    JField since - added: possibility to mount shared network folders - added: WiFi Access Point mode support - added: possibility to reset SIM card PIN code - added: USB mass storage gadget support - added (map screen): enabled selection of arcs - added...
  11. Michael Stazhkov

    J-Field and Linux

    J-Field - added: insecure mode for TCP server - improved: work with standalone points in DPOS - fixed: AutoCAD export failed when "Layers from Codes" enabled and codes contain quote(") symbol. - fixed: showing of incoming corrections information when there is no...
  12. Michael Stazhkov based on Linux

    since - fixed crash on Collect screen when collecting many epochs - added possibility to disable touchscreen (see Customize screen) since - improved Migration process. Fixed potential problem related to specific USB dongles when they mounts on boot. since -...