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  1. David M. Simolo

    DPOS down?

    I used it without issue this morning
  2. David M. Simolo

    LS+ not opening files

    thanks for the followup Rich
  3. David M. Simolo

    T3NR Promotion and Trade In Program

    I'm pretty sure Adam is correct about the Windows platform on Carlson tablets
  4. David M. Simolo

    Problem in J-Field Software

    Nate, I should have mentioned that I leave my autonomous solution for the day in the field alone and temporarily use the shift function to move all of the rest of my file to my current autonomous solution.
  5. David M. Simolo

    Problem in J-Field Software

    Nate, I know this seems like a pretty basic response but your situation is something I do all of the time. I work in State Plane. After I DPOS a file upon return to the office I apply the combined factor to put the project on the ground. If I come back to the job at a later date and set...
  6. David M. Simolo

    My Javad LS + Went to San Jose

    FWIW Nate I DPOS wirelessly on my LAN router. I still use a thumb drive to get my files onto my PC, though.
  7. David M. Simolo

    My Javad LS + Went to San Jose

    Hey Nate, I'd be real tempted to take John up on that gracious offer. I know very little about radios and antennas but when you say welding shop I get worried something might interfere. Then again, it might just help, I sure don't know. Good luck
  8. David M. Simolo

    Can a DPOS report be changed to another SPC zone?

    Alexey, it's great to see you chiming in!
  9. David M. Simolo

    PreRelease 4.0

    I can't get into it either Greg.
  10. David M. Simolo

    RTK, vs RTPK wide open areas, setting control.

    That's great support as usual Alexey and Shawn! Thanks much
  11. David M. Simolo

    DPOS thru LS+ not connecting

    I just DPOS'd a couple of base files without issue
  12. David M. Simolo

    DPOS Giodis

    Yes, it worked fine for me this morning, many thanks
  13. David M. Simolo

    DPOS Giodis

    I was able to upload my raw data but the CORS processing for base just stalls and goes nowhere
  14. David M. Simolo

    Quick Release for LS

    Often with similar threaded problematic connections I wrap a small amount of surveyors' ribbon as a thread lock before assembling
  15. David M. Simolo


    It's absolutely worth it. It's like real-time DPOS only better.
  16. David M. Simolo

    Clearing NVRAM aftermath

    So to update this thread my T3 did need a firmware upgrade, which I did, and now all is acting as it used to and as expected. Thanks Matt for jumping in and getting my noggin gears turning.
  17. David M. Simolo

    Clearing NVRAM aftermath

    Thanks Matt. I am up to date on pre-release J-Field though I should probably check my T-3 firmware. I probably should try clearing the NVRAM manually on the T3 to see if that makes a difference although looking at it I'm not sure how to do that. It's definitely been behaving differently than...
  18. David M. Simolo

    Clearing NVRAM aftermath

    I have a T3 - LS+ combo utilizing the T3 internal 1w UHF radio running J-Field pre-release (I see a new update this morning I haven't done yet.) Often if I develop a glitch where the Base-Rover setup fails to give the correct responses I will go to the Base-Rover setup in the LS...