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  1. Matthew D. Sibole

    Still Struggling With Localize

    My workflow is the same as Mr. Suttles. Most of the time the surveys that I am following are not good enough to do a good localization on anyway. Just translate and rotate most of the time.
  2. Matthew D. Sibole

    Still Struggling With Localize

    The one thing that stands out to me is your surveyed coordinate system is WGS84 and not state plane. If your surveyed points were located on state plane the the survey tab needs to say which state plane system you are in.
  3. Matthew D. Sibole

    Base navcom 3040sf Rover Ls+

    The one problem you may run into is telling your existing receiver to start transmitting it’s location. Jfield is intended to tell a Javad base such as a T2, T1(T1m) or T3 to transmit via Bluetooth to the base. If you can not create a Bluetooth connection to the base via Jfield you will need...
  4. Matthew D. Sibole

    ALTA/NSPS Relative Positional Precision

    The default 0.0656 + 50ppm can be changed to be what ever you want them to be. I have to change them to dial down and see where it fails to be able to put that precision in my certification in Kentucky.
  5. Matthew D. Sibole

    How to use average points, when you get 2 that are too close?

    You can use the magnifying glass and enter the point group (100..250) and it will then only show that range. Then hit the resource button and hit batch edit. Then you can change them all at once.
  6. Matthew D. Sibole

    How to use average points, when you get 2 that are too close?

    You can change the distance threshold to say 0.10’ and it will average each pair of points separately.
  7. Matthew D. Sibole

    Reading the report(s)

    LOL. Just hope it helps!
  8. Matthew D. Sibole

    Reading the report(s)

    1. I do not know. That is something the developers will have to chime in on. 2. If you were to go to Action/Project/Merge Projects, you can merge two projects together from different projects/days/units (if they have a project archive on the device that you are trying to do this in) and then...
  9. Matthew D. Sibole

    Reading the report(s)

    Go to cogo/tools/relative accuracy. You can select all of your boundary points and it will run the calculations for you.
  10. Matthew D. Sibole

    Field to Office

    Use the RAMS website and connect to your rover. There is a files tab on it that you can pull files from either the SD card or internal memory and get the files that way.
  11. Matthew D. Sibole

    Javad swag

    Courtesy of my wife.
  12. Matthew D. Sibole

    Average Cluster of Points.

    I always put my averaged points in a separate page by themselves and can isolate them easily without having to worry about point filters.
  13. Matthew D. Sibole

    LS External Antenna Port Damaged

    It was quite a while ago. So I do not remember exactly. I chose to go with a used case (some slight scratches) and I think it was $900.
  14. Matthew D. Sibole

    LS External Antenna Port Damaged

    It likely cracked the housing. Mine did the same thing back about a year ago. Had to get a new case.
  15. Matthew D. Sibole

    LS vs. LS+ Radio Range - Real World Test

    Keep the units at least 10’ apart so there will be no interference between the two. You will want to take pictures or screen shots of the uhf screen. I recommend stopping every 1,000’ and set them up beside each other and take pics of the uhf screen and keep going until you loose connection...
  16. Matthew D. Sibole

    RTPK Workshop Today 1/28/2021 at 12pm CST

    Sorry I missed the presentation. I did have a customer message me and said how much he liked the webinar.
  17. Matthew D. Sibole

    Validated and Verified observations disagree !?

    If using the standard LS I have a minimum confidence level at 25 and want to see a total time between fixed epochs at 240 seconds or more. Point 51 does not have nearly enough time. I always preach multiple observations to be able to catch blunders. Nothing like looking back at old data and...
  18. Matthew D. Sibole

    At what level is band width being used up?

    I use a LS+ and T3 with 35 watt radio. I’m not sure of the bandwidth question. I can say that D8PSK will broadcast all available signals at this time. We do have another protocol that can be used. The down side to changing protocols is less range. The solution to less range is higher antenna.
  19. Matthew D. Sibole

    White boxes gone

    Press and hold the bearing box in the top middle. They will show back up.
  20. Matthew D. Sibole

    Error after ending base and restart

    Recall previous base point number or from auto?