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  1. Shawn Billings

    Justin down?

    Jason, As I recall, the DPOS report is stored in the project archive. I would look at it carefully and compare that to the OPUS solution just to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
  2. Shawn Billings

    Stake intersection of a Polyline.

    No, I don't believe this is possible, unfortunately. I would really like to have that feature too, but I end up calculating the intersection in COGO.
  3. Shawn Billings

    Defcode Default

    Maybe give this one a try: Home>Setup>Actions>Options>Revert Code to Shape Tag This setting will need to be set to each individual action profile.
  4. Shawn Billings

    Loss of performance, on a Job with screenshots

    I've been seeing similar issues, Nate. I also cannot manually change the engine signal settings. Are you seeing each constellation represented in the four engines? I'm getting signals from all constellations in the engines, but the automatic configuration just isn't very robust on mine.
  5. Shawn Billings

    Loss of performance, on a Job with screenshots

    Nate, Is it possible the base isn't sending corrections for Galileo and Beidou (RTCM3 instead of RTCM3.2 MSM)? Also could be that the broadcast period and link rate aren't correct for RTCM3 MSM. Having said that, sometimes, I have noticed my LS Plus doesn't correctly auto setup the engines no...
  6. Shawn Billings

    The Pincushion Effect

    Retracing the Deed is important, but I think the conflicts come from the question of what does retracing the deed mean? A few years back I surveyed a 250 acre tract. The west line was on an original grant line (I work in Texas where land was granted by metes and bounds). The original grant...
  7. Shawn Billings

    T-3 Battery trouble,

    Nate, I've never changed the battery in the Triumph-3. I've heard it is extremely difficult to do though.
  8. Shawn Billings

    NGS SPCS2022 Coordinate Systems (Alpha)

    NGS recently announced their Alpha tools for the SPCS2022. I was pleased to be part of the stakeholder team that developed the new regional coordinate systems for the State of Texas. There will be many changes with the new TRF2022 datums and projections. The four...
  9. Shawn Billings

    DPOS with several base sessions help

    Wes is right on. It's a shame that this process was never "slicked up" in a more automated way, but all of the pieces are there for the user to combine multiple solutions (by a weighted average) and adjusting each session to that position.
  10. Shawn Billings

    DPOS is not working.

    Friends, I hope I'm proven wrong, but I'm not holding my breath that DPOS will be back online any time soon. I'm going to start developing a new process for getting my projects on the NSRS (National Spatial Reference System) other than DPOS. DPOS is such an elegant tool. I hope to see it back...
  11. Shawn Billings

    Please HELP, my T2 is receiving data on limited Sat bands

    Matt is right to question the disparity in the satellites shown on the home screen vs those shown on the status bar - satellites screen. This should not be affected by the Triumph 2. I can't think of a scenario where this should appear.
  12. Shawn Billings

    Is OPUS now down also?

    Same. I can't process yesterday's base file. Might have to try Auspos or Canada's PPP. Both give results in ITRF so it'll require some effort to get it to nad83.
  13. Shawn Billings

    DPOS Memory Lane

    Another great advantage that DPOS has over OPUS is that DPOS allows access to many different CORS networks. Here in Texas, NGS decided that for their purposes they have plenty of CORS station in their network even though TxDOT maintains many more stations. DPOS can access the TxDOT network...
  14. Shawn Billings

    DPOS is not working.

    In that regard I would have to say that Javad was right in saying he could develop something even better than OPUS. DPOS gets great results with almost no effort and very little risk of user error.
  15. Shawn Billings

    Please HELP, my T2 is receiving data on limited Sat bands

    2 second rate and DQPSK is what I use with my LS+ rover and T3 base. I see great performance with no apparent loss to the 1 second rate and D8PSK.
  16. Shawn Billings

    Please HELP, my T2 is receiving data on limited Sat bands

    Not just firmware. OAF too.
  17. Shawn Billings

    Plans for Galileo HAS (High Accuracy Service)

    Part of the overall plans for Galileo was to include a free signal that would allow for 20cm realtime accuracy. The signal would be sent from the satellites (E6-B) or over the internet and applies to Galileo and GPS satellites. It appears this went live in January of 2023. Is there any plan for...
  18. Shawn Billings

    Please HELP, my T2 is receiving data on limited Sat bands

    On the LS, you'll need to set your correction type to RTCM 3.2 MSM Short (as Duane said) and you'll need to select the RTK engine profile for four constellations (the default for a standard LS is GPS + Glonass only).
  19. Shawn Billings

    Please HELP, my T2 is receiving data on limited Sat bands

    Just to be clear, you have to update the OAF on the Triumph-2 and update the firmware to "latest". Is that what you did, Jim. Also, regarding Duane's comment, you do not have to use D8PSK if you use a 2 second broadcast rate. With 2 second rate, you can use DQPSK, which should have better range...
  20. Shawn Billings

    DPOS Memory Lane

    I was there when DPOS was created. Javad had many great minds that would dream up features and implement them. In this case DPOS was very much Javad's own idea, of course developed by so many great minds, particularly @Alexey Razumovsky. But the idea, so far as I know, was Javad's. We were...