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  1. Jim Frame

    What size fuse is a 35 watt radio supposed to use?

    That would seem to be a design oversight. Reverse polarity protection is relatively inexpensive, and reversing polarity isn't hard to do (just ask Nate!).
  2. Jim Frame

    JMT and the Triumph 3NR

    I'm afraid it's not the same company since Mr. Ashjaee passed away.
  3. Jim Frame

    Exporting data

    I use a USB thumb drive. It's not as convenient as having a real-time connection, but I didn't want to give up the credentials to my Google Drive or mess with the setup of something else. One thing to watch out for when using a thumb drive is to make sure you're saving files to a partition...
  4. Jim Frame

    VRS RTN Base Position

    The whole process is a bit over my head. There's a good discussion of this at by some folks who know a lot more than I do: But the salient point is that there's little value in having correlation data for an ephemeral...
  5. Jim Frame

    VRS RTN Base Position

    Unfortunately, this issue -- and, to a lesser extent, the glitch in the Javad GVX exporter -- have forced me to abandon my plan to use my Triumph-LS on this sizeable project. I bit the bullet and bought a Trimble R8-3 from a colleague, and I'll be renting a TSC7 with Access for the month or so...
  6. Jim Frame

    VRS RTN Base Position

    Here's what Jeff Jalbrzikowski of NGS told me when I asked how Trimble stores VRS vectors: "It's a true VRS solution, the PRS-to-Rover vector is calc'd from the resulting point back to the closest CORS that contributed to the VRS solution." This is the reason that the new (still draft, but...
  7. Jim Frame

    VRS & CMR/CMR+

    In an ongoing effort to get J-Field to record the vector from a VRS physical reference station to the rover (instead of the virtual base to rover), I tried switching from RTCM to CMR/CMR+, but when I do that I don't get any corrections -- all the engines say "no data." Checking the Send GGA (or...
  8. Jim Frame

    VRS RTN Base Position

    Below is a snippet from a GVX that was recorded using Trimble equipment a couple of years ago. The Initial Point (00000064) is a CORS (PLSB) that's owned and operated by the local Trimble VRS. The data collector was set to record data as vectors. <GNSS_VECTOR> <ID>V1</ID>...
  9. Jim Frame

    VRS RTN Base Position

    I'm demo'ing a VRS subscription for use in an upcoming project in which I hope to use RTN vectors in OPUS Projects via GVX export. In its current form, the J-Field GVX exporter has some problems, and I've been working with John Roscoe in Support on the ones I've identified so far. But I...
  10. Jim Frame

    WiFi Hotspots

    FWIW, I've used mine inside the Pelican case (which is ventilated) in temps well over 100°F with no problems.
  11. Jim Frame

    WiFi Hotspots

    I usually leave my base unattended but locked to something solid to deter casual thieves. In order to protect the JetPack, I put it in a modified Pelican case that bolts to the center pole of my 2-meter base tripod. Although the third photo shows hex nuts holding the Pelican case to the...
  12. Jim Frame

    Check your Verizon bill!

    Not that it matters for us small-timers, but -- at least when I signed up -- you get 5 static IP addresses for the $500 charge. For firms running more than one rover that reduces the one-time charge per rover.
  13. Jim Frame

    Cloud Account

    Is there a step-by-step description of setting up a cloud account? I've avoided it because it sounded like a hassle, but it *would* be handy...
  14. Jim Frame

    JMT and the Triumph 3NR

    I can't help with the correct antenna type, but I do know that if you use the 1/4-20 adapter that comes with the T2 and the T-LS, you need to add 0.025 m to your pole height. Your processing reports show the ARP height as 2.000m, which is 0.025m too low if you have the adapter installed.
  15. Jim Frame

    What Causes "Socket Failed" Messages?

    Just checking in. This thread has gone in a different direction than originally, but I thought I'd provide an update anyway. I'm still using the same equipment, including the JetPack, but nowadays when I get a Socket Failed message, I know to look at the connection profile and make sure it's...
  16. Jim Frame

    NGS GVX Vector Exchange File Format

    Email to support sent just now. Thanks!
  17. Jim Frame

    NGS GVX Vector Exchange File Format

    Is there anyone left at Javad who knows about the GVX converter status and its future? With the advent of OPUS-Project 5.0, GVX is too important for Javad to abandon. Fixing the problems with the converter seems like a pretty modest task, as the converter is most of the way there. Anyone...
  18. Jim Frame

    Hiring Good Field Hands

    I started in business in 1993 with a manual total station, so I hired couple of part-time assistants and trained them to run the gun so I could attend to the tasks at the prism pole. By 2001 I was down to one guy. He didn't really have an interest in making surveying a career -- he had a...
  19. Jim Frame

    Firmware v4.3.0.0 Release Update

    According to the release page, it doesn't apply to older Triumph2 receivers, either (like mine).
  20. Jim Frame

    Localize After-the-Fact

    The Star*Net coordinates are in a local system (15000,15000), so a defined projection isn't available. WGS84(ITRF2008) is the default underlying system, so I didn't change it.