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  1. Nate The Surveyor

    Ive been thinking of improvements to the LS

    Add a chime or noise at the end of every iteration of RTPK. Add a white button that shows total time of fixed solutions, that are in agreement, with each other (I'm told 6 minutes fixed, in agreement, is gold) maybe a graphic, showing total time per point, (temporary points in RTPK, that is)...
  2. Nate The Surveyor

    Versatility with the Kind of BASE to HOLD, and the kind of BASE ROVER to hold.

    I want to be able to Change up the BASE SOURCE COORD, any way I please. At any time I please. I want to be able to set the selection RTK FIXED, or RTPK FIXED, at any time, independent of what I chose to hold for the base coordinate. WHY do sideshots, contain 1-Local, or 2 Local, when only the...
  3. Nate The Surveyor

    Extreme rtpk-ism, the deep dark holes of surveying

    I've been using Javad gear now for about 5 years. In the bad places we go, I believe RTPK is going to replace RTK, for solid answers. Mr. Matt Johnston asked me in another thread, about how I would suggest that we evaluate RTPK . Well, this so deeply affects us, that I thought it deserves a...
  4. Nate The Surveyor

    Weather guards for our equipment

    Check this out. Would it be good for our equipment?
  5. Nate The Surveyor

    Where is the T-3 forum?

    Just a picture to encourage more of this! Everybody needs one of these! Nate
  6. Nate The Surveyor

    How do I key in Lat/Lon

    Into my LS? I have a job that shows a lat lon on a given point. I can use this lat lon to derive SPC, and then put the rest of the legal desc into it. That's my goal. Thank you, Nate
  7. Nate The Surveyor

    Why would you not recomend sessions over 7 minutes?

    Here is my logic: Its a real bad place to get a shot. After sitting on it for 1 minute, I get one click. One epoch. I stay there for another 30 minutes. It's got 12 buckets. And, finally it gets one click that agrees with that click at one minute. Now, that's pretty confident that it's right...
  8. Nate The Surveyor

    Add direction to POINTS by distance

    When selecting POINTS by distance, either from current position, or from a specified point, the screen is populated with points within a given radius. It also shows those point numbers, and the distance to them. Could you add direction as well? This would help us to choose the properly desired...
  9. Nate The Surveyor

    P delta and dist to last

    I'm not sure who could do this, but I'd really like it if pdelta did NOT round the distances like it does. Pdelta is handy, for many things. But rounding reduces its usefulness. Sometimes I'm setting points along a radial curve. I make the radius point one of the Pdelta points. And I really need...
  10. Nate The Surveyor

    Other Javad products that we haven’t discussed

    Triumph vs 216 channel Triumph rs 216 channel Victor data collector What are VS and RS for? And, is victor still available? what led me to this line of reasoning, is that Javad and company have required me to buy 2 programs with the T3, that ordinarily I would not have purchased. One is RTPK...
  11. Nate The Surveyor

    Things to do while waiting for new gear to come

    Everybody here has been through this in some way shape or form. You have done your research, run your numbers, counted your pennies, read countless articles, driven Shawn Billings to the brink of drink, and finally placed an order. The check to buy it is in the mail, going to Mayette , and or...
  12. Nate The Surveyor

    What to do with retired T-2's?

    1.) If you have vrs and a cell phone with javad mobile tools, it can be a new rover. Not as robust as the LS plus, but in the field it works I'm told. I have a lot to learn here. How to get files in, and out of it. How to do a lot of things. 2.) If you do Elevation certificates, used static...
  13. Nate The Surveyor

    Nate’s dream radio

    35 watt. With a 3 position switch on the side for low power, medium, and high. It has ability to receive on one channel, and transmit on another, simultaneously. It has Bluetooth and mi fi. it also can receive cellular correction, and transmit on radio. This way, it can be set on a hill, and...
  14. Nate The Surveyor

    Questions about “moving up”

    To the triumph LS + weigh more Than the LS standard? Does the T3 work better with 25 hz band width, rather than 12.5 band width? If I stay with 12.5 width, (UHF) will range suffer, when jumping from t2, to t3? I’ve spoken with several Javad users in the city. They all went with some sort of...
  15. Nate The Surveyor

    Export Lines from Trajectory... an apparent Bug

    I hit POINTS then the little lines, RESOURCES button then EXPORT then FORMAT then DWG then NEXT then WHAT TO EXPORT I select ALL PROJECT DATA and I hit the + hardware button and it says 999 points, and 2 lines then, I hit EXPORT It then tells me it SAVED 0 points, and 2 lines. This allows me to...
  16. Nate The Surveyor

    Update Almanac From Server

    Under SUPPORT>UPDATE ALMANAC FROM SERVER, we get a question "Update Almanac From Server". When should we do this? What will it do? And, such like. Thank you, Nate
  17. Nate The Surveyor

    Keeping up with files.

    My old TDS Data collector would get cleaned out about once every 2-4 yrs. It did not run slower, when half full. So, how are you keeping up with all your JAVAD JOB files? I can backup the LS on a usb stick. But, generally, there are about 10 jobs that stay on the LS. They get added to every...
  18. Nate The Surveyor

    How to use average points, when you get 2 that are too close?

    I came through the first time, and shot a 3/4" rod in concrete I shot it twice. It gave me 2 coordinates that were 0.04' apart. (It was an obvious marker) After localizing, and such, It told me to look 0.30' to the NE. of it. So, I dug down, and FOUND the actual survey mark, a 5/8" rod. So, I...
  19. Nate The Surveyor

    Missing Points Problem

    Performed this job about 2 wks ago. I have been wrestling with some missing point numbers. It is quite strange. It seems it DPOSed fine. And, the coords seem to be related to the rest of them just fine. Here is a screen shot showing the gap in point numbers: If you will notice, the point...
  20. Nate The Surveyor

    Todays Base Station

    I'm a little more fastidious about selecting a base site, than some. Nate