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  1. Shawn Billings

    Feeling Sentimental

    I wrote this brief article following my first trip to San Jose to meet Javad as he announced the new Triumph-LS. I often share stories of my time with Javad at our training events and after the event we hosted last week I've been reflective. It's so interesting to me to see how far the...
  2. Shawn Billings

    Verification with Variety at Javad Training Event, May 6-7, 2021.

    One of the topics we covered at a recent training event was using Variety to demonstrate a good solution. I have collected many thousands of points and found that a variety of 1.3 is very reliable. I'm always careful to never say that any technique can "never fail" or is "always correct", but we...
  3. Shawn Billings

    Triumph-LS/Triumph-LS Plus Training Event, Dallas, North Carolina, May 6-7

    We're returning to Dallas, North Carolina, for a Training Event on May 6-7. We had a great event the last time we were there, even introducing RTPK at the time. This time, we'll be able to dig into new exciting features such as Variety, and how it can speed up your data collection in canopy, as...
  4. Shawn Billings

    Verification with Triumph-LS Plus, Triumph-LS Standard Multi-Constellation, Triumph-LS Standard GPS + Glonass

    Over the past several days, I've been testing the Triumph-LS Plus, Triumph-LS Standard Multi-Constellation, and Triumph-LS Standard GPS + Glonass. After my extensive tests that included collecting about 20,000 points under canopy, I can provide these observations: TLS(MSM) 2x Faster than...
  5. Shawn Billings

    Workshop Triumph-LS Plus 2/25/2021 - Lightning Fast Verification in Canopy

    I've been running tests for about a week now with the Triumph-LS Plus in canopy. We've been working to find the right blend of settings that make RTK lightning fast in canopy and today I think we've discovered the perfect Action Profile settings to deliver extremely reliable fixes in...
  6. Shawn Billings

    Triumph-LS, Triumph-3 and HPT435BT radio for Sale

    A customer of mine passed away recently. His widow is seeking to sell his Javad equipment and I'm posting here to help her out. He had a Triumph-LS with UHF and RTPK enabled, a Triumph-3 with UHF and the Beidou option (Galileo is standard with the Triumph-3), and an HPT435BT radio with...
  7. Shawn Billings

    RTPK Workshop Today 1/28/2021 at 12pm CST

    Today at 12pm I'll be presenting a workshop on RTPK. You can register for the workshop here: JAVAD GNSS, INC. I was incredibly surprised by the results of the test cases I used for the workshop material. Come check it out!
  8. Shawn Billings

    RTPK Long Range, Short Observation Test

    Saturday evening I took a few minutes to scratch an itch I've had for some time now. I wanted to test RTK and RTPK precision at long distances. Several years ago I tested RTK at distances of 10+ miles and found some very interesting results using GPS and Glonass which convinced me that our...
  9. Shawn Billings

    Beidou signal B2B seems to be causing intermittent mischief

    I believe that Beidou signal B2B may be preventing fixes in engines that are using that signal. If you find that multi-constellation fixes are difficult to acquire in the open, you might try disabling this signal to see if it resolves your issue. Advanced settings, GNSS, Systems and Signal Tracking.
  10. Shawn Billings

    Verification with Triumph-LS Plus and standard Triumph-LS with Multi-Constellation (Preliminary)

    These recommendations are preliminary. Ultimately the software will be changed to automate these approaches or even better approaches will be discovered and implemented. In any case, users today can enjoy significant gains in efficiency with the Triumph-LS Plus and standard Triumph-LS (2-engine...
  11. Shawn Billings

    RTPK Real Time Processed Kinematic

    I've been using the RTPK application for a few weeks now. The most recent update to Pre-Release has improved the processing speed significantly over previous versions. Here's what I'm seeing: RTPK at present, requires corrections from your base in real time. This can be a real base or a virtual...
  12. Shawn Billings

    Multi-Constellation with Standard LS - Tips for getting started

    I've sent this (or versions of it) to a few customers now. I'm bringing it here for your reference. On the Triumph-LS: Make sure that you have the latest versions of software installed. Make sure that GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou are turned on. Go to Setup and Edit the General Group...
  13. Shawn Billings

    Javad Training in North Carolina September 3rd and 4th, 2020

    @Adam and I are putting on a training event in Dallas, North Carolina, on September 3rd and 4th, 2020. This training will be similar to previous training events but will cover even more as we'll be covering the Triumph-LS (GPS + Glonass), Triumph-LS (GPS + Glonass + Galileo + Beidou), and the...
  14. Shawn Billings


    Those of you who have updated recently have no doubt noticed a new feature on the Triumph-LS home screen "TLS2TLS". This button allows you to send messages and data from one Triumph-LS to another or from a Triumph-LS to support. I've used the feature to send projects to support along with...
  15. Shawn Billings

    Triumph-LS as base with external radio

    I'm sure many are considering options for obtaining a base receiver that will track GPS+Glonass+Galileo+Beidou. As things are situated on March 19, 2020, for most customers, I recommend the Triumph-3 as a base because it has the new Triumph-3 chip which will track. The chip in the Triumph-LS...
  16. Shawn Billings

    Testing Triumph-LS GPS+GLO+GAL+BDU in Canopy

    I received my Triumph-3 a couple of days ago and finally had the chance to set up a test. As a word of encouragement, the Triumph-LS can easily be setup for automatic testing, so that any user can test a profile setting to see what results to expect in a particular environment. I strongly...
  17. Shawn Billings

    Who Moved My Base story

    I was surveying in a rural neighborhood with lots of trees near a Corps of Engineers lake. There were not many base locations nearby, so I had to find a place about a mile by road (or 3500' straight-line) from my site to set up the base. The choices were few, but I found a place that was clear...
  18. Shawn Billings

    Triumph-LS Training Event - Kilgore, Texas - April 2nd-3rd, 2020

    We're planning another training event in Kilgore on April 2nd and 3rd. These trainings are great for anyone who already knows the basics of the Triumph-LS and wants to get more from their system. We are also planning an event this fall (dates not confirmed) in North Carolina.
  19. Shawn Billings

    New Batch Export Screen

    The current Pre-Release has a new Batch Export screen. It shows the files to be exported and the coordinate system for export. Very nice improvement!
  20. Shawn Billings

    Galileo/Beidou in Triumph-LS and Triumph-3 Update

    First Galileo and Beidou in RTK: For several months now, the testing versions of J-Field and GNSS firmware have supported Galileo and Beidou. The GNSS board in the Triumph-LS has always supported six engines processing GNSS data simultaneously. The strategies for how each engine processes the...