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  1. ABoikov

    Red Exclamation ! Next to Static Icon

    A2. The Antenna Properties window has the Add button grayed out until the name of the new antenna is entered. Please see attached movie.
  2. ABoikov

    Session Time interval exceeds 2 continuous days. Process separately (CORS data avail=0%)

    Base file fixed. Project DPOS. Here you go
  3. ABoikov

    Strange DPOS Reports

    DPOS uses daily files. Unfortunately 8 october daily files for CORS station of North Carolina are missing on the NGS site. To get rinex file for OPUS unstall JPS2RIN from our site and use it with 'OPUS and AUSPOS compatible' option (see attachment).
  4. ABoikov

    Strange DPOS Reports

    Most of CORS measurement files were not uploaded to the ftp site when you sent the file to DPOS. Please send the file again.
  5. ABoikov

    Help with DPOS file

    Base file fixed. Here you go
  6. ABoikov

    Processing Failed. Please ReDPOS again.

    Today Debug server was out order (under development). It works properly now. Here you go
  7. ABoikov

    Post Processing Failed

    Two days processed separately. Here you go
  8. ABoikov

    Online DPOS "unknown error"

    DPOS works properly. Please try uploading the file again.
  9. ABoikov

    Noisy GNSS data or small time span

    DPOS works properly. Here you go
  10. ABoikov

    Noisy GNSS data or small time span

    DPOS works properly. Here you go
  11. ABoikov

    Unable To Export

    File 3473_203112.jps: this is true June,12 file.
  12. ABoikov

    Unable To Export

    It's firmware issue which is going to be fixed.
  13. ABoikov

    Unable To Export

    Use Jps2rin /opus 3473_203112.jps for OPUS processing.
  14. ABoikov

    Justin Link and JMT

    This has not happened so we will try. It's seems now other component excluded. Download and install the latest Microsoft XML Core Services. To obtain the latest version, please follow these steps: Visit the following Microsoft Web site...
  15. ABoikov

    Justin Link and JMT

    In recent versions of Windows, they no longer include a specific set of Dlls necessary for working with jmtjob. Please download and install ´Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) ´: You also need to install the...
  16. ABoikov

    Justin Link and JMT

    Please watch attached video.
  17. ABoikov

    Windows 10 Install Disk size error

    Hi Tim, we can not find the cause of this problem in the standard Windows installer. Please try another setup inataller. Best regards, Alexander Boikov.
  18. ABoikov

    DPOS with AusCORS (Australia) - Base coordinates ~60mm out

    Dan, editing of reference points coordinates can be done with Justin. (Justin Viewer(Link)) can not reprocess data and readjust network. Unfortunately, Queensland Globe site does not provide machine readable format of coordinates list. Best regards, Alexander Boikov.
  19. ABoikov

    DPOS with AusCORS (Australia) - Base coordinates ~60mm out

    Hi, Dan. Justin/DPOS use reference points coordinates published in for 06/09/2017. If you want to use the recent coordinates or coordinates from another catalogue, you can edit the coordinates of the reference points in Justin...