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  1. Phillip Lancaster

    Old rtpk vs. New rtpk

    There it is!
  2. Phillip Lancaster

    T1 - Satellite icon flashing RYG

    Download netview and modem software from download USB driver (same place) run program and connect T1 via usb highlight receiver on left then on right hand side there will be an update firmware pull down at the general top of page update firmware from internet then choose latest.
  3. Phillip Lancaster

    Possible Bad Shot

    Zane. The base was 200. Yet 230 and 231 each had different base coords. 232 gets back on base 200. Why is this?
  4. Phillip Lancaster

    Possible Bad Shot

    This is interesting!
  5. Phillip Lancaster

    Carlson Listen Listen

    Has anyone ever connected to a Carlson base (brx7) using the Listen Listen system? I have the port number but no other information is provided. Is there a web address or IP to go to the L-L service?
  6. Phillip Lancaster

    Setting T3 Base using a mifi Hotspot

    Is the 790L Verizon still the jetpack to get or is there an updated model? Also which one to get for ATT?
  7. Phillip Lancaster


    Long hold on compass button.
  8. Phillip Lancaster

    Internal cell modem

    Can the T1M modem use Verizon or just ATT?
  9. Phillip Lancaster

    Stolen Triumph-3 and radio

    Correct. You said you wanted your family to know your location. Net Hub will show the location of the GPS receivers on Bing or Google overlay.
  10. Phillip Lancaster

    Stolen Triumph-3 and radio

    If you have a smartphone go to google maps. Click on your Icon picture. Click on Location sharing. Add new share. Share with whomever you desire. No charge!
  11. Phillip Lancaster


    Can you not receive good cell coverage at the 6km station. You were connected to wifi with a poor connection. Have you tried it with cell?
  12. Phillip Lancaster

    Ive been thinking of improvements to the LS

    The T3 is going to be a huge increase in productivity coming from a T2 but the LS+ working with a T3 is the goal.
  13. Phillip Lancaster


    Okay. Using 8002 as an inbound and outbound port on the LS doesn't make any sense to me. I guess that may be the problem. For the small chance that you use an LS as a base. The majority, in my opinion, of the Javad world that does use everything else except an LS as a base. 8010-8014 is going to...
  14. Phillip Lancaster


    Is there any reason for this ever to be 8002?
  15. Phillip Lancaster


    8010-8014 or whatever. Correct?
  16. Phillip Lancaster


    Well, this is for a T3, T2, T1M, T1. In the RTN TCP Client screen right after you create an RTN APN. I insert a host name then a TCP Port. Would you set that to 8002?
  17. Phillip Lancaster


    So you are saying that when the LS is a base it broadcasts out on 8002?
  18. Phillip Lancaster


    I will try that but this was on two brand new systems. This also happens on my system yet very rarely.
  19. Phillip Lancaster


    To me it should default to 8010-8014