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  1. Phillip Lancaster

    Carlson Listen Listen

    Has anyone ever connected to a Carlson base (brx7) using the Listen Listen system? I have the port number but no other information is provided. Is there a web address or IP to go to the L-L service?
  2. Phillip Lancaster

    Internal cell modem

    Can the T1M modem use Verizon or just ATT?
  3. Phillip Lancaster


    Setting up a cell profile. Why is 8002 even allowed to be a TCP Port? Why when in the profile it is set to 8010 it displays 8002 when trying to set base the next day? Multiple people have this problem. Why is this even an issue? The profile knows this is an out port. Why even allow an 8002?
  4. Phillip Lancaster

    Cell firmware

    Can there be firmware for sim1 and different firmware for sim2? If not. Why can't we save the current firmware for Verizon and for ATT without having to download each time we switch back and forth between providers?
  5. Phillip Lancaster

    ATT settings

    AP name: broadband or Broadband. Does it matter? Authentication: ? (Chap, Pap, or None) PDP: 1
  6. Phillip Lancaster


    Why would an LS+ to a T3 display a code float in a full-strength cell signal area?
  7. Phillip Lancaster

    Can we get a T-3 category?

    Netview shows "high Agc value, Check antenna/LNA". Does that mean Automatic gain control? Is this normal?
  8. Phillip Lancaster

    Sim card retrieval

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get a sim card out? Will push in but never spring back to eject the sim card. Just does a short movement.
  9. Phillip Lancaster

    Base file location

    I forgot how to do this. Working off a CORS has spoiled me. Started a job in the morning. Left base running. Went to another job in the same area. Finished that job at night. Base died on the last point. So I have two jobs with the same base file. Charged base and it seems to have downloaded...
  10. Phillip Lancaster

    Two engine question

    Why does engine 2 have the same gps and glonass, gal signals as engine 1?
  11. Phillip Lancaster


    Can you put Netbrowser back on google play.
  12. Phillip Lancaster

    Help me figure this out.

    Day started at 6:45am and ended at 8:45pm. I just got back home from traveling. My peanut is fried and not hitting on all cylinders. I set the base up (point 1 as auto state plane) on the south side of the job and and collected in that session points 2-12 being multiple points on 5 control...
  13. Phillip Lancaster

    AP Name

    For verizon. What is the AP Name for Arkansas region? I reset my software on the LS and have forgot. Something like ex. so01.vzstatic.
  14. Phillip Lancaster


    What is a T40 receiver?
  15. Phillip Lancaster

    Checking my CORS.

    I've got my DPOS report and I'm checking/updating my CORS delta base I have in town. Is the report my ARP that I move to APC or is it APC that moves to ARP? I think its the first but not sure.
  16. Phillip Lancaster

    The other guys stuff!

    Can I process a rinex version file from another GPS manufacturer on this site? Or is .jps files only accepted?
  17. Phillip Lancaster

    CORS and DPOS

    I would like to make a request to have Jfield process DPOS with my javad delta CORS station. I understand that there are probably not many users that this function would benefit but it sure would be nice to have.
  18. Phillip Lancaster

    Problem with the latest software.

    Was on Jfield on LS with a T1 base running via cell and 1 watt UHF. Job was to stake over a mile of property line from a job I did in 2007. Conditions was not desirable but I have been in worse with the LS running like a champ. I started and got about 1/4 mile done and it just seemed...
  19. Phillip Lancaster

    Problem with profile and my solution.

    I always start my jobs off with uhf. I then place a mifi device near the base to switch to cell if needed. I have found that if I do not switch back to the uhf profile before I reconnect via bluetooth to the base. I will not be able to download the base and it being aligned with all my previous...
  20. Phillip Lancaster

    Javad Mobile Tools

    Any chance on controlling a Leica Robot?