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  1. Jim Frame

    If tilt is on…. And you press start….

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  2. Jim Frame

    FCC license help ...

    I've had good experiences with National License (317.564.8018). They set me up for my VHF handhelds and my 35-watt UHF.
  3. Jim Frame

    Javad JMT-R

    I use Javad Terminal to send a GREIS string to my T2 base so I can have both UHF and TCP access from the rover. I also use JERCI when I need to put my LS up on a high rod. I run both on my OnePlus 6T phone, which also serves as the WiFi hotspot for my LS when using TCP.
  4. Jim Frame

    Superflous Steps in many places in the software

    I can confirm that it's an option in the release version. And thanks for pointing it out!
  5. Jim Frame

    DPOS and OPUS Comparisons

    I think etweet did a great job of explaining the concept. And I looked at a couple of specfic examples using the antex entries for a T-LS, and I now believe that Matt's finding of 0.05' horizontal difference isn't unreasonable. It may be on the outer edge of what one is likely to find -- the...
  6. Jim Frame

    DPOS and OPUS Comparisons

    I don't argue that antenna orientation is a best practice, but I remain skeptical of the magnitude of impact. The test Matt did is impressive in its duration -- I admire anyone who takes the time to run tests like this -- but I wonder how much of the very modest (statistically insignificant?)...
  7. Jim Frame

    DPOS and OPUS Comparisons

    I'm dubious about the concern for azimuth-dependent errors, especially in an RTK context. Most modern antennas have pretty tight designs, and unless you're including signals below a 10° mask (zenith angle = 80°) you're not likely to see much effect from misalignment. For example, a quick scan...
  8. Jim Frame

    @ point numbers ...

    It's more generalized than that, as I get them when using CRTN, which is strictly single-base RTK from actual antennas. For whatever reason, J-Field doesn't assign the base station its mountpoint name, it gives it an @ number instead. Not a big deal for me, I've never had trouble figuring out...
  9. Jim Frame

    LS Radio Range Suddenly Drops

    I didn't request it, I just told them that I had a 35w transmitter and they did the rest. I used Nation License out of Carmel IN.
  10. Jim Frame

    Eliminate Bucket from solution

    What's the origin of the term "jump fail"? I get the fail part, but what's trying to jump from where to where? Maybe the current position moves away from its start point beyond a certain tolerance, and an attempt is made to "jump" to a different integer solution, but that doesn't meet specs...
  11. Jim Frame

    Runaway Shots

    I believe that's consistent with what I've seen.
  12. Jim Frame

    Runaway Shots

    I generally run a profile that collects 1200 epochs, verifies, then auto-accepts and auto-restarts. Lately I've had some shots that don't accept and restart, they just keep running until I manually stop and accept them. What's causing this?
  13. Jim Frame


    I did have an anomalous situation last week in which the restarted shot didn't stop, it just kept on recording. I have the profile setup to store and restart after 1200 epochs plus verification, but I finally stopped this one manually after it hit 3000 or so clicks.
  14. Jim Frame

    Early Access Testing Feedback

    With the new J-Field release I was able to try this out for the first time today. I'm impressed! This will make tall setups much easier to manage. Nice work!
  15. Jim Frame


    I noticed that pressing the power button defaulted to Reboot rather that Turn Off the first time I used it after the update, but thereafter it reverted to the more familiar behavior.
  16. Jim Frame


    I'm happy to report that auto restart is once again working as intended!
  17. Jim Frame


    I noticed also that my RTN profile was changed to Cellular. Once I reset it to Wireless LAN it worked as before.
  18. Jim Frame

    Auto Restart Stopped Working

    It's been 4 months since this bug was identified. Any idea when it'll be fixed in the release version?
  19. Jim Frame

    Staking linework / alignment in a surface stakeout routine

    Yes! It's rotated 90°, but otherwise fine. Thanks!