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    Justin Link

    windows 10 appear executive error, and category not logged in
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    Wi-Fi Mobile Hot Spot not connection

    My HTC ONE Phone Update to Android 7.0 ,Wi-Fi Mobile Hot Spot not connection
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    Test Triumph-2+JMT Result

    I have tested Triumph-2+JMT under the tree. The testing result is very good.
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    Test T2+Victor LS

    Test VICTOR LS V6 Engines cannot work
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    My android device Pole Bracket test

    My android device Pole Bracket test very good
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    VRS With RTCM 3.1 Transformation Messages

    Our NLSC(National Land Surveying and Mapping Center) offer VRS (Virtual Reference Stations) service, that use RTCM 3.1 Transformation Messages In RTK GNSS Networks They use Trimble TTG (Trimble Transformation Generator) - RTCM3.1 include "1021(Helmert / Abridged Molodenski Transformation)" and...
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    My Android JMT 1.4 BUG

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    TRIUMPH-LS Use Internal UHF Radio Setup BASE receiver,not successful No operation steps to set up Triumph-LS as Base in manual.