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  1. Jim Frame

    Runaway Shots

    I generally run a profile that collects 1200 epochs, verifies, then auto-accepts and auto-restarts. Lately I've had some shots that don't accept and restart, they just keep running until I manually stop and accept them. What's causing this?
  2. Jim Frame

    Still Struggling With Localize

    I seem to have a mental block when it comes to implementing the localize procedure. I tried again today, but failed to get it to work. Here's what I did, near as I can recall: 1. In the office I created rough (within a foot or two) search locations for the desired points by laying map...
  3. Jim Frame

    Blue Start Button

    I may have asked this before, but if I once knew the answer I've forgotten it: what's the significance of the Start button turning blue?
  4. Jim Frame

    Auto Restart Stopped Working

    My regular control profile is setup to collect 1200 epochs then auto-accept and restart. After the most recent upgrade the restart no longer works. I tried changing the setting from "restart 1000 times" to 900 times, to no avail.
  5. Jim Frame

    J-Field Export Problems

    I updated to J-Field today, and am now having trouble with exports -- I'm getting some empty folders where there should be data. After updating I set up a new job and ran base/rover. At the end of the session I downloaded the base file to the LS. One thing that seemed odd is that...
  6. Jim Frame

    Stake Line -- Show Description

    I needed to shoot some cross-sections today, and I used Stake Line so I could stay on line. It worked great except that I couldn't figure out how to change (or even view) the current point description. I wanted to have Description and Point Name in the white boxes, but both those options were...
  7. Jim Frame

    Distance & Direction To Base White Box

    I often want to see the distance (and, less often, the direction) from my rover to my base. I looked for a white box option, but didn't see one. Am I looking in the wrong place? Right now to access that information I'm pressing the sigma button (not sure why that icon is used for the...
  8. Jim Frame

    Geographic Coordinate Entry

    I screwed up and forgot to load search coordinates into my LS before leaving the office. I did load them as waypoints into my Garmin, and tried to figure out how to enter points into the LS issuing the geographic (lat/long) values, but was unsuccessful. How do I do this?
  9. Jim Frame

    G0 !

    I updated last night to release version, and when I downloaded the Star*Net vectors today I was surprised and delighted to see G0 lines identifying the date and time. This really helps me manage occupations, so thanks very much for the addition, it's much appreciated!
  10. Jim Frame

    Screenshot Question

    Is there a way to automatically store a screenshot of the base setup when using base-rover? Right now I get screenshots of the "Base Guard feature will not work!" and "Starting base..." messages, but they obscure the actual base setup details. Alternatively, is there an easy way to check the...
  11. Jim Frame

    Unable To Export

    I have a project that I've been working on -- off and on -- for several months, and my habit has been to download the Star*Net vectors and a project zip file at the end of each field day. Today I was unable to do either -- the zip process ends with a message something like "Cannot create zip,"...
  12. Jim Frame

    Sticky Top

    My T2 is starting to exhibit sticky top syndrome. It's not too serious yet, but I do have to peel it out of its Pelican case I'm the morning. Is there any consensus on the best way to deal with this?
  13. Jim Frame

    What Causes "Socket Failed" Messages?

    My usual -- and preferred -- means of operating an RTK base is via TCP over a cellular modem. Most days it works flawlessly, but every now and then (like today) I'll pull up to a site to take a shot and get a "socket failed" message on the comms screen. I've tried many things to correct this...
  14. Jim Frame

    Star*Net Export Problem

    I collected a dozen control points today, but when I tried to export the vectors here is what the file contained: '[error]: no base '[error]: no base '[error]: no base '[error]: no base '[error]: no base '[error]: no base '[error]: no base '[error]: no base '[error]: no base '[error]: no base...
  15. Jim Frame

    Strange UHF Behavior

    I had a site today that was giving me a lot of grief with regard to UHF communications. The LS would get a few clicks, then the UHF signal would drop for anywhere from a few seconds to 30 seconds or more. After 5 minutes or so I accidentally discovered that if I lay my finger lightly against...
  16. Jim Frame

    Triumph-LS WiFi Reconnect Failure

    I use my phone as a WiFi hotspot when getting corrections via TCP. I've noticed that when I move out of WiFi range long enough for the phone to turn off its radio and then return to the LS, the receiver won't reconnect on its own after I turn the hotspot back on. I have to turn the LS WiFi...
  17. Jim Frame

    SV Box Flip-Flop

    What would cause the behavior shown in this video? The unit worked normally a few minutes before this was taken, and after a few more minutes it returned to normal behavior. Just curious.
  18. Jim Frame

    J-Field Crash: Points|Map|Near

    Lately I've been using the Points|Map|Near function when looking for previously occupied points. When I do this more than a few times the receiver locks up and requires a power cycle to get going again. If this a known problem, or something unique to my project?
  19. Jim Frame

    Blue Stop Button

    With the most recent release version I notice that the Stop button is sometimes all blue instead of orange outlined in blue. Is there some significance to the color difference?
  20. Jim Frame

    Star*Net Export: G0 Records

    Unless I've missed a setting, the Star*Net export only puts out the G1, G2 and G3 records. These are adequate for adjustment, but the lack of vector identification when multiple observations are involved makes troubleshooting difficult. The G0 record can provide metadata that's useful in...