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  1. giulio

    Correct height rtk and post process with Rtklib

    For rtk surveys, the height to be entered is the one read by the rover pole (if no other adapters are mounted), for RTKLIB static surveys at this read height I should also add that of the phase shift of the phase center which, if I'm not mistaken, is 11 cm, right
  2. giulio

    variance covariance matrix

    Waiting to receive the new tool I would like to remove my doubts: doing an RTK survey with Triumph ls in addition to the coordinates, the pdop, the number of satellites etc. the variance covariance matrix matrices are also memorized for each detected and memorized point, in fact these data are...
  3. giulio

    Base navcom 3040sf Rover Ls+

    hi, i am considering the purchase of a rover ls + to replace my current Navcom 3040 sf. I usually connect, in ntrip, as a rover to the cadastre network of my region (tpos network of Trentino, now only gps and glonass, later hopefully also galileo). The question is: could I use the 3040 as a...
  4. giulio

    Good news

    Triumph 2 now with GALILEO E1 (B + C) BeiDou B1, B1C (P + D) upgrade or new receiver?
  5. giulio

    Opzioni engine

    Hello everyone, I tried ls via the virtualroadshow remote link. In the 2 or 6 motor options, the various constellations and their signals can be set. 1. I have seen that L5 excludes l2c and vice versa, why can't we have both? 2. The maximum number of signals, when selecting the monitor says 10...
  6. giulio

    l5 in trk

    I was observing, in the virtual roadshow, the satellite state, to understand the functioning of the multiple and advantageous controls of the instrument and I noticed that in the satellite navigations status codes column, the codes 55 or 58 are almost always reported, which refer to the use in...
  7. giulio

    local geoid model in Triumph ls

    Good morning, I'm an Italian surveyor, sorry for my approximate English. I currently own a Navcom sf3040 system, I am considering moving to a system that also includes Galileo and Beidou (as soon as the regional land registry network will implement these corrections in the NTRIP service)...