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  1. Michael Stazhkov


    since - fixed Real-time shift applying to existing points - fixed premature completion of the Verify Phase I when Signals Variety is 0 since - fixed Collect auto-stop when Signals Variety is set to 0 - returned link to cluster averaging function on "Dist...
  2. Michael Stazhkov


    Since - improved RTPK (additional checks of a fixed solution validity, improved performance) - improved Verify in Collect - improved CoGo tasks - improved Map - improved Surface stake-out - improved network clients (NTRIP, RCV) - improved DPOS result...
  3. Michael Stazhkov


    Since - RTPK 3.0 (additional checks of a fixed solution validity, improved performance)
  4. Michael Stazhkov


    J-Field ( - added surface stake-out (supported ESRI ASCII and LandXml formats) - added possibility to create missing zoom levels in a background map - improved RTPK - improved Collect with Verify procedure - improved Point Info screens - improved DPOS result applying - improved...
  5. Michael Stazhkov

    Release (hotfix)

    since - fixed CoGo Rotate bug - fixed attaching of points to DPOS session when GLONASS Time System is selected.
  6. Michael Stazhkov

    Release: JField and Linux OS

    JField - added: Undo for point/line delete actions - added: possibility to delete polyline segment - added GNSS firmware automatic re-start if GNSS FW doesn't response - improved: Draw functionality (map screen) - improved: Snap functionality (map screen) -...
  7. Michael Stazhkov

    PreRelease: JField and Linux OS

    Linux OS: - added: Factory recovery tool. Allows to do recovery to Release / PreRelease / Testing versions of software (JField, Linux OS, GeoData, Fonts) through internet. Customer data will not be touched. JField: - added: Undo for point/line delete actions. - improved: Draw functionality (map...
  8. Michael Stazhkov

    Release J-Field and Linux OS

    Release notes. J-Field - added: preferable corrections stream interface - fixed: detection of leased values in receivers option - implemented: Draw add Snap to Endpoint, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Intersection, Center, and Tangent - fixed: Unhandled exception (switch)...
  9. Michael Stazhkov

    Release (JField + Linux

    JField since - added: possibility to mount shared network folders - added: WiFi Access Point mode support - added: possibility to reset SIM card PIN code - added: USB mass storage gadget support - added (map screen): enabled selection of arcs - added...
  10. Michael Stazhkov

    J-Field and Linux

    J-Field - added: insecure mode for TCP server - improved: work with standalone points in DPOS - fixed: AutoCAD export failed when "Layers from Codes" enabled and codes contain quote(") symbol. - fixed: showing of incoming corrections information when there is no...
  11. Michael Stazhkov based on Linux

    since - fixed crash on Collect screen when collecting many epochs - added possibility to disable touchscreen (see Customize screen) since - improved Migration process. Fixed potential problem related to specific USB dongles when they mounts on boot. since -...