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    DPOS, "No service available currently"

    Just noticed the issue, field work from 04/15/2021. Not urgent, just FYI.
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    Smart Reset

    Under Setup/Action Setup, when configuring a action profile, what does "Smart Rest" provide? When to use it, and when not to check?
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    Conventional / Independent Tracking

    @Matt Johnson , could you offer some guidance as to what this selection, found under GNSS/ Systems & Signals Tracking, provides, and when it might need to be cycled from conventional tracking to independent tracking. I am currently running on the most current version of the recommended branch. I...
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    DPOS Arkansas Cors

    I have submitted a file collected on July 3, 2019 in Montgomery County, Arkansas, three times today over a few hours of time span. The process seems to move forward normally until the download of the cors data. It stalls for a time and returns the message "Reference observations not available at...
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    SBAS Code Diff Position

    This setting under General Group/Operating Mode/Advanced/GNSS, what does it do if checked on/off. Recommendations for its use or non use.?
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    Base Guard

    I had an issue with Base Guard on Friday, ( the 13th.), I would like to share and possibly get some feed back. I am running JField together with 3.7.2, Aug, 31, 2017 on the T2. The job I had the issue on is the third job I have started and completed since the upgrade noted above. Jobs...
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    Trouble with LS

    Michael, my name is Steve Hankins and I am a JAVAD user. I am contacting you after a conversation I had with Shawn Billings about a problem I have with my LS (SN 0687) and my Triumph 2, (SN 01758). I have a few issues. I created a new project, (032-2017), and set the coordinate system to NAD...
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    Minor Issues with LS

    I am having two small issues with my LS, neither seem to be critical. (1). When I execute the Points Command the JAVAD Magnificent 7 pop-up appears. When I attempt to register a click in the small box in the lower left corner to not show this help screen the LS is unresponsive. I hear the click...
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    Phantom "clicks" on the LS

    I am running J Field Pre Release In the field yesterday I noticed the LS would have phantom clicks and random screen changes without and interaction from me. I was able to touch the screen and return to where I was at and complete my task. The screen seemed to be a little sluggish...
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    LS error msg.

    I am currently running J Field version on my LS. I encountered what I think is an error message on the LS yesterday while collecting data points. I collected points 1-565 with no issues, but on my attempt to collect pn. 566 the LS was very slow to initiate the shot when the Start...
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    Point conflict

    I ran into an issue in the field yesterday that turned out to be a conflict with a surveyed point and a design point. This was my second visit to the site. I set the base on the original base point (1) for this survey and started the survey, storing the second occupation at the base as point...