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    Looking for a T1M

    Anyone have a functional T1M they are not using and want to part with? Preferably with all 4 constellations activated.
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    Best RTPK settings for LS w/ GPS Glonass only

    What are the best RTPK settings for a standard LS w/ GPS Glonass only in canopy situations? Is the the Variety + RTPK High Confidence (LS) profile suitable? If not what are the best settings for a standard LS with a GPS-Glonass only UHF base. (T1)?
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    Is DPOS down?

    Have been trying all morning to DPOS 2 projects done Friday AM, They upload and then just sit there, for hours. Worked fine last week. Have not changed any settings or versions.
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    project retrieval from an old SD card

    Recent upgraded old LS to LS+. After the upgrade installed a new 32Gig SD card. Now have realized there was a project on the old SD card that was not downloaded or DPOSed. How do you retrieve a project without the restore procedure loading the LS memory up with the entire contents of the old...
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    UHF Radio signal goes red frequently

    Over the last couple weeks my LS (300723) looses its radio connection to the base. The Radio window will go red for minute or so then return after several instances of this over the next 1/2 hour it stays red and will not come back. At first I thought it was interference but it happens over my...
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    DPOS processing issues

    Not able to LOGIN to the "new site" to process DPOS. Several attempts to reset password have not been successful. Had to process w/OPUS last week to meet deadlines hoped that by today it would be "fixed". I create a new password and it will not work. Would like to use DPOS since it works...
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    Not able to set/select Pa SPC North or NY Central coordinate systems.

    Recently have not been able to select these systems and as a "work around" have had to put all new work in one old existing Pa Project that was created in PA SPC83 North zone. Additionally have had to collect data on NY projects in that same Pa Project and convert using other software. I select...
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    Finally had time and confidence enough to use the LS for a real project, however am unable to download via the USB thumb drive, tried different thumb drives and also tried taking the micro SD card out and putting it into a reader, it won't read that either. On the LS the data is shown in the...
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    When will this previously advertised capability be available?