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  1. Garrett Dendy

    Post Processing Failed

    If I sent a log file earlier today of my archived project, can support view the raw data? I cannot get DEPOS to work. I sent two separate files to DEPOS, one was successfull and other says Post Processing failed because of noisy GNSS or short time span. I have read through the forums...I am...
  2. Garrett Dendy

    Ghost Buttons

    Is anyone having issues with buttons being pressed automatically and collecting or even just sitting? I noticed while I was collecting, a button would magically click and it would go to another screen. I calibrated the screen and it would still do it. It does not do it all the time, but it seems...
  3. Garrett Dendy

    Touch screen

    why does my touch screen work when I first start using my LS and after a few minutes no more touch screen? I even hard reset it thinking it may fix the issues. Thanks, Garrett
  4. Garrett Dendy

    Shift, move, rotate

    I have a question for you gentlemen. Let's say that I have a parcel with roughly 85 calls that I already plotted and loaded the point file into the LS and I then find several record iron pins. How do you use j field cogo to align the design (deed) points to the surveyey record points? I saw the...
  5. Garrett Dendy


    How do you switch from azimuth to bearing in inverse COGO routines? Garrett
  6. Garrett Dendy

    Correct Elevations

    During start up when you set your parameters for your base setup, do you leave your elevation offset as ZERO and the JAVAD system is smart enough to give you proper elevations or are you suppose to input the height of base plus the height of the 1/4 to 5/8 adapter, (and is the adapter 0.23m?)...
  7. Garrett Dendy

    Grid to Geodetic

    Using COGO and inversing between points, I see where you can change using ground distance, can you do this for geodetic bearings as well? Also how do you export to geodetic or is it better to rotate and translate in CADD? Also, by using spc, how do i view the convergence angle? Does DPOS...
  8. Garrett Dendy

    Stake out

    Is there a way to change the stake out direction from azimuth to left/right & come/go? Garrett
  9. Garrett Dendy


    Brand new user here. What happens if you start base with known (opus) coordinates and collect points, then download and stop base and then upload to DPOS? Did it over-correct my points? Did it move my already correct points? Was I suppose to do that? Hopefully this is not a stupid question...