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    In NetView "Receiver on port COM 5 was not found"

    To post-process in netview with receivers powered up, connected on physical USB to the computer but using SER, click connect and I get the message above. I have done this probably 100 times. I believe I'm following the same process. I don't recall have ever received this message. I have...
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    user's guide for Victor-LS?

    This is a easy one I hope. In Javad publications there is NOT a user's guide for the Victor-LS. What do I use as a guide?
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    After Netview update download is unusably slow...hours for 20M

    After Netview update download is unusably slow...hours for 20M base logfile Anybody else having this problem...2nd attempt...been over an 1.5 hours to download 6M of 20M base logfile Before it was fast...serial "a" is set for 1.5M...I don't know what the significance is of serial b,c,d but I...
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    Anybody know why the delivery delay with the Victor-VS and the HPT404BT?

    I bought 2 TR-2's which I use for static work and I really like them. At the same (March 2014) I ordered the Victor-VS data collector and the HPT404BT radio for RTK. I paid for all in Oct 2014, received the TR-2 some time after but still haven't received the Victor-VS or HPT404BT. Anyone know...
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    Coordinate systems in Panama

    Hi I'm working in the Republic of Panama. Here they use "Nad 27 zone 17" . I put it in quotes because they actually do it in WGS84 Zone 17n and shift it 202.95m south and 14.87m west. Based on the coordinate conversion in Justin, the correct shift is 190.68m south and 19.81 m west. They do it...
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    Justin - Mismatch of labels to points

    First of all, I first created a "conversation" not realizing (I'm still guessing) that conversations are not posts but threads are posts with their responses. will not see the button to make a new post if you don't sign in first. Nothing is defined here but I'm guessing that posts go...
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    OPUS/DPOS for Panama?

    I'm down in the Republic of Panama. I can use OPUS but the CORS that are used are 1100 km from here. Not sure what the accuracy is but based on a Google Earth check of the point it is in the ballpark anyway. Haven't tried DPOS yet. Does DPOS only work via Android or iPhone phones? Can I...