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  1. Sdrake14

    Recover Data on Moved Base?

    Ok so not exactly proud on how this turned out but I found myself in the mountains miles from home and needed to produce while I left the 1/4 to 5/8 adapter for one receiver sitting on my desk. Driving an hour and half back home to get the adapter was not an option so.....redneck mind taking...
  2. Sdrake14

    Old Triumph 2 version board WiFi broke by update?

    I certainly hope I am wrong but I believe the not to recent updates that added the "who moved my base" security feature had the effect of breaking the WiFi / TCP port forward capabilities with the old version T2 board. I had used this feature a lot from 2014 through 2017, then the update... and...
  3. Sdrake14

    Surface models

    Does/has anybody used surface models for staking with the LS? I received one in TIN format, converted it to an XML file, (it imported into Carson survey) I imported the xml into the LS...and wahlah...crickets. I see nothing. Along with this I exported some alignments (containing spiral...