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    UHF Antenna for my Triumph LS

    I need a new external UHF antenna for my Triumph LS. What is the most durable antenna with the best range available? My radio is a HTP401BT.
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    Cogo-Basic-Direct freeze up

    My LS keeps freezing up when I try to calculate points in COGO. I go to Basic and then Direct and it freezes up (Inverse and traverse have no problems). I have to hold the power button down to do a hard restart. All other functions seem to work fine. It has had a problem with freezing up with...
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    Fix / Float while collecting

    With my upgrade to latest firmware on everything, the system is acting differently. Most appears to be for the better. It is fixing faster and in heavier overhead cover. However, when I try to collect a point, even in the open, it will be fixed during the count-down then go to float as soon as...
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    Radio Issues

    I have a T-2, HPT401BT and an LS in my setup. I recently undated all three. Now my radio is having problems. First, the battery dies really fast, 1/2 hour. Second, when I turn it on the Bluetooth light is on steady and the power light flashes slowly, which I think both are normal. Then when I...
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    Updating the HPT401BT with J-Field

    I am having trouble using ModemVu to update my radio. Support Team says to use J-Field. Can anyone explain how to go about that? Thanks!