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  1. toivo1037

    Battery going bad?

    I put my receivers on the charger Friday, and this morning I noticed that the base was blinking green like normal - fully charged, but the rover is blinking yellow. I turned it on and it is a solid yellow now. Is it finally time to put a set of batteries in this receiver? I guess I would...
  2. toivo1037

    Possible New GNSS Systems?

    With the launch of 60 more of SpaceX's starlink satellites, I have to wonder, in the near future, will a space-based internet satellite system be able to enhance or replace the existing GNSS structure? Sure, at the heart of it all, GNSS satellites are basically atomic clocks, and starlink does...
  3. toivo1037

    T1M Radio config problems

    I am having radio issues with my T1M set. History: I have a set of T1Ms I use with a carlson surveyor 2 and Carlson SurvCE 5.09 When I got them after a bit of fiddling, we got them to work well and reliably. After a year or so I wanted to setup my 35w radio as a repeater to the internal 1...
  4. toivo1037

    Old Javad Odyssey User Manual or Spec Sheet

    Wondering if anyone on here can point me in the correct direction. Yes I know I am talking about 'antiques' at this point, but I am looking for some specifications on the old Javad Odyssey receivers. I have a full set that I use for static, about once a year which you can see at the top of...
  5. toivo1037

    Triumph-1M OPUS

    NGS lists 2 versions of the T-1M in OPUS. I have run several files though, and they are very close, but not exactly the same. NGS: JAVTRIUMPH_1M (receiver) JAVTRIUMPH_1MR (receiver with radio modem antenna) I incorrectly thought the second one was with the UHF antenna on, but that seems to be...
  6. toivo1037

    New Constellations

    With the proposals and buildout of satellite constellations by iridium, boeing and spacex among others, I wonder if it is being explored to piggyback somehow on the signals those sats transmit to augment the existing positions satellites. Some systems are planned at 800 to over 4000 birds. 864...
  7. toivo1037

    Deleted Static File

    I think I already know the answer, but is there a way to bring back a deleted file in the internal memory? I accidentally selected delete all, not delete a single file.
  8. toivo1037

    Time to Update?

    Just thought about looking at my firmware version, and looks like I am running 3.6.3 from July 2015. Wondering if I should/need to update the firmware on my T1Ms? With all the talk about beast and upsampling, I am not sure I am able to utilize that stuff since I use a Carlson DC. Goa few big...
  9. toivo1037

    Javad - Generations

    I was organizing some stuff in the office this weekend, and thought that I would share a pic as I got all of the receivers together. 3 generations gathered together here - as lets face it, the middle ones are just Javad painted yellow. I started with an original Hiper/Legacy base rover system...
  10. toivo1037

    Triumph static work

    Anyone using the Triumph-1M for static work? I just received my pair, and I am curious as if others are always using them for static with the UHF antenna, or some other procedure. I found that all of my rods & tribrachs have exactly the same length threaded area. When threading on the...
  11. toivo1037

    Internal Radio

    Does the Triumph-1M have an option for an internal UHF radio for broadcast as well as receive? ie: an external 35 watt radio is not always required? Thanks