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  1. Clifton Keith

    Interesting tree

    Saw this tree a few days ago. Not me in the photo .
  2. Clifton Keith

    1M sticky top

    The top of my 1M is dirty and sticky. I cleaned it with windex and it did not help. Seems like the material may be breaking down. Anyone else having this happen?
  3. Clifton Keith


    I am having trouble restoring an old coor. system. Need help
  4. Clifton Keith

    Topo setup

    I have an 83 Acre topo to do. Some in the open and some in the woods. What is the best way to setup the LS?
  5. Clifton Keith


    Can anyone here help me to connect my base and rover by jetpack?
  6. Clifton Keith

    external antenna

    Did a little test today. Internal antenna would only go about 4800'. With the external antenna I went 1.8 miles.
  7. Clifton Keith

    Tri brac

    I got my 1M today. I hate to put it on a yellow tri-brac. If your not going to make a green one, at least send green paint.
  8. Clifton Keith

    Internet connection

    Can't get my LS to connect to the web with a cable. It shows an IP address but says no internet. Any ideas?
  9. Clifton Keith

    Importing importing alignment

    What kind of alignment files can you import to the LS? Like dwg, dxf or xml.
  10. Clifton Keith

    Sky view

    Can you see the sat. location on the LS