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  1. Matthew D. Sibole

    Triumph 3 Cellular Issues

    This is a known problem in the base firmware and will be resolved with a firmware update. I am not sure when though.
  2. Matthew D. Sibole

    T3 power problems.

    4.0 has most likely been the best release Javad has made. Significantly less support calls. Just read the instructions when the pop up comes up.
  3. Matthew D. Sibole

    Help! My T-3 Got too hot!

    Glad that worked Nate. I thought that was the case.
  4. Matthew D. Sibole

    Help! My T-3 Got too hot!

    I do not know that it blew a diode. Plug the T3 in and force an update of the firmware. See if that fixes it first before we explore other options.
  5. Matthew D. Sibole

    Help! My T-3 Got too hot!

    Nate, Update your T3 firmware to 4.1.04 or higher. It should fix your battery issue. Im not sure about the heat though. As far as replacing the battery it is a real pain in the butt. I’ve done it on mine and I do not recommend it.
  6. Matthew D. Sibole

    Issue with OAF file?

    Glenn, You should pose the question on the questions portal through the Javad website.
  7. Matthew D. Sibole

    RTK, vs RTPK wide open areas, setting control.

    This is not just when connected to CORS it is all of the time. Nate is correct also in the fact that each page can have a separate coordinate system. Our native format is WGS84 as can be seen when exporting a PDF file. The first page of the PDF shows what transformation is being applied...
  8. Matthew D. Sibole

    Radio Frequency default

    It is the default in the base, not the LS. It is likely something that will have to be updated in a firmware for the base.
  9. Matthew D. Sibole

    Best Base for the LS+

    Also the T3 can use GSM or CDMA internal modem and can use an external UHF antenna. The 1M can only use GSM internal modem and has a standard permanent uhf antenna (green stick).
  10. Matthew D. Sibole

    JFIELD 4.0 Update Issue

    I need the base also turned on and within Bluetooth range. Also just double checking what is the serial No of the LS?
  11. Matthew D. Sibole

    JFIELD 4.0 Update Issue

    If you can connect it to remote assistance I will take a look. If I had to guess it would be your rtcm 3.0 vs RTCM 3.2 msm 3 short.
  12. Matthew D. Sibole

    RTPK Elevations vs Base Processed RTK Elevation from 6 Mile Baseline

    Can you share a link to the archive for that project? I would like to take a look at it.
  13. Matthew D. Sibole

    Topo profile

    Glad that worked out. Better to be right that fast and it’s great if you can be right and fast. 4000’ of road is a good days work when it’s got trees on both sides.
  14. Matthew D. Sibole

    RIP Kevin Davis

    Just saw a Facebook post that Kevin Davis past away. Had not heard from him in quite a while. I just searched Facebook and found he had cancer and actually passed away a few months ago.
  15. Matthew D. Sibole

    Topo profile

    I agree a 10 second RTPK is not anything I would hang my hat on. I trust 10 seconds with a higher variety.
  16. Matthew D. Sibole

    Topo profile

    Set your profile to with engine reset and make sure your variety is a min of 1.3. I don’t use RTPK on topo profiles. 10 epochs is fine as long as you have your min variety on.
  17. Matthew D. Sibole

    Topo profile

    Are you using an LS+ or standard LS?
  18. Matthew D. Sibole

    Will not initialize

    Taken care of for now. Call me if you still have issues.
  19. Matthew D. Sibole

    Drones for Aerial Images or RTK

    I have used phantom 3 professional both for topo and just the background aerial. It works well but is time consuming for the image processing for non RTK or PPK applications. (You have to select each target in every photo they appear in. For instance the last one I did, I only used 4 targets. I...