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  1. Matthew D. Sibole

    RIP Kevin Davis

    Just saw a Facebook post that Kevin Davis past away. Had not heard from him in quite a while. I just searched Facebook and found he had cancer and actually passed away a few months ago.
  2. Matthew D. Sibole

    Notice of Solar Activity for Monday and Tuesday.

    Please take note: SPACE WEATHER CONDITIONS on NOAA G1 minor Predicted 2021-09-27 UTC R1-R2 5% R3-R5 1% S1 or greater 1% G2 moderate Predicted 2021-09-28 UTC R1-R2 5% R3-R5 1% S1 or greater 1% G none PrevNext G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storm Impacts close Power systems...
  3. Matthew D. Sibole

    Florida conference

    If you happen to be in the Jacksonville Florida area please stop by the conference and say hi.
  4. Matthew D. Sibole

    Javad swag

    Courtesy of my wife.
  5. Matthew D. Sibole

    Missouri Conference

  6. Matthew D. Sibole

    Help with DPOS file

    Can I please get some help with this file. It says the time spans 2 days. I am guessing the base was started before it really knew where it was. Thank you!
  7. Matthew D. Sibole

    Tennessee Conference

  8. Matthew D. Sibole

    Ky Conference

  9. Matthew D. Sibole

    Mason Dixon Line monument locations

    I am wanting to do this and wanted to see if anyone else would like to get together and go locate some monuments a little later this spring.
  10. Matthew D. Sibole

    Pairing base and 35watt radio problems

    Brett Chappell is having issues with his base and 35 watt radio and getting them to pair. He is going to hook it up to team viewer tonight. Can someone please take a look and get him hooked up? He will post a reply to this thread with his connection info.
  11. Matthew D. Sibole

    TAPS conference

    I’m set up at the Tennessee conference today and tomorrow. Stop by and say hi if you are attending.
  12. Matthew D. Sibole

    Kaps Conference

    I’ll be set up tomorrow and Friday. Stop by and say hi. I’ll have one rover running on the VRS network and connected to RAMS shown on a computer monitor.
  13. Matthew D. Sibole


    I received this email from a customer today and I am not sure what to tell him. At one point JAVAD had an ArcPad extenstion, is it possible that an extension for collector be created? One in which the receiver (our Triumph 2’s) can get corrections from a base station.
  14. Matthew D. Sibole

    Why I preach multiple observations

    Anyone who I have sold to or have heard my theory on taking shots in the woods knows that I preach taking multiple observations. DPOS is great but it is not a short cut in "Do I need to take more than one shot on this pin or not?". I will post some screen shots of a job that I am currently...
  15. Matthew D. Sibole

    Successful Test (LS Base and T2 Base same job same time)

    I recently purchased a second LS and wanted to run a test on a small job. I know there have been talks of running 2 bases but have not had the opportunity to test it. So yesterday I had a small job to start and I set two nails with the VRS network. I set my T2 on one nail and set my LS base on...
  16. Matthew D. Sibole

    Today's find

    The other side had an A and a B carved on it. Just too bad it was laying flat.
  17. Matthew D. Sibole

    What to tell a proposed buyer?

    I have been using and selling the equipment for quite some time and I think I have a good handle on what to tell a perspective buyer but I want to get some feedback from some of you. If you could tell a perspective buyer one thing about the LS or the Javad company in general what would it be?
  18. Matthew D. Sibole

    Solar storm

    Looks like there was a solar storm today and we will see the effects late Sunday or early Monday.
  19. Matthew D. Sibole

    Kentucky Conference

    I just got the booth setup here in Lexington, Ky. I hope there will be a big turnout tomorrow and Friday. I have already seen some intetest and have heard good things from other vendors.