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  1. Matthew D. Sibole

    Using an LS as base

    The way I do it is after I start the base I then switch to a WAAS float profile and go into collect on the base and start collecting a point. Then when you are done for the day you stop collecting that point on the base. You then go to files and tap collected with points and transfer the static...
  2. Matthew D. Sibole

    Gathering in Maryland

    No real results to give. It poured down rain and only one other person showed. We did some testing but limited due to rain. The person that did show up was running an older Topcon Hiper plus rover with a Topcon GB500 base. We had 4 shots under canopy that was located with a robotic total...
  3. Matthew D. Sibole

    setting date and time

    On the home page at the bottom of the screen you will see the time. Click on it and you can change the time from 12-24 hour and the time offset from utc.
  4. Matthew D. Sibole

    T-2 has a crack in it

    Nate’s T2 has the improved design. You can see the bumper in the picture.
  5. Matthew D. Sibole

    Gathering in Maryland

    I still plan on making the trip. I will be there late Friday afternoon and will be back on site at 8 am Saturday morning. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions.
  6. Matthew D. Sibole


    The lock up is a known issues and is being worked on. They are having a hard time reproducing the behavior at the factory.
  7. Matthew D. Sibole


    I received this email from a customer today and I am not sure what to tell him. At one point JAVAD had an ArcPad extenstion, is it possible that an extension for collector be created? One in which the receiver (our Triumph 2’s) can get corrections from a base station.
  8. Matthew D. Sibole

    Why I preach multiple observations

    I know that point 113 was very skeptical as noted in my ?rtk description posted. I had little doubt that 112 was bad due to the amount of time between fixed epochs that agree which is what you are eluding to in your suggestion. Waiting the addition time on 112 I think would have been wasted...
  9. Matthew D. Sibole

    Why I preach multiple observations

    Matt you are correct I did stop the shot after it reached 240 epochs seeing as though I had more than 240 seconds of data. I typically do not care about validate since I repeat the observation anyway. Shawn, I understand how Jfield handles the collection of data as compared to other...
  10. Matthew D. Sibole

    Why I preach multiple observations

    Anyone who I have sold to or have heard my theory on taking shots in the woods knows that I preach taking multiple observations. DPOS is great but it is not a short cut in "Do I need to take more than one shot on this pin or not?". I will post some screen shots of a job that I am currently...
  11. Matthew D. Sibole

    Session Time Interval...

    Alexey you are awesome! Thank you!
  12. Matthew D. Sibole

    Session Time Interval...

    Can you attach the project archive? Let one of us take a look at it.
  13. Matthew D. Sibole

    Export point file from LS to USB

    There is a small up arrow near the top middle of the screen that will take you up one directory level.
  14. Matthew D. Sibole

    Quick Shot Action Profile suggestions

    Yes, no problems making a copy.
  15. Matthew D. Sibole

    Quick Shot Action Profile suggestions

    Use the precise topo preset profile. Start with Start button Verify with V6 Reset Confidence Level 5 Consistency Level 10 Min. RTK Engines 2 Validate with at least 2 engines Stop after 10 epochs Min. Duration 10 Sec. These are the default settings in precise topo profile.
  16. Matthew D. Sibole

    Trouble with the LS today

    Check for an update. They are aware of the problem and I think they may have a fix in a new update.
  17. Matthew D. Sibole

    Taking accurate measurements in a difficult environment for GPS

    While this equipment is fantastic it is just another tool. Pick the best tool for the job. With that said there are ways to get shots under or near heavy canopy and obstructions. What you are looking for is a few epochs agree with each other that have at least 240 seconds between them. You...
  18. Matthew D. Sibole

    200 foot RTK limit

    I use the Tnc pole mount. It has a 5/8” thread that can be screwed onto a rover pole.
  19. Matthew D. Sibole

    200 foot RTK limit

    I had that problem about 2 years ago. It was a semi-severed connection on my radio antenna (the old style right where it went into the antenna base). New cable and back to normal. Sounds like you have a broken wire or two in your antenna cable to me or it is something is broken in your radio.
  20. Matthew D. Sibole

    DPOS question

    CORS 37 53 27.13938(N) 122 26 51.31741(W) ADJUSTED DO2389* NAD 83(2011) ELLIP HT- -20.557 (meters) (12/??/12) ADJUSTED DPOS reported position of CORS station N 37 53 27.139 W 122 26 51.317 47098.3 As Shawn stated the values are the same out to 5 decimal places.