A basic Traverse-Stake program for TOTAL STATION, only manual.

Nate The Surveyor

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Traverse Program

Backsite________ (Hr)________
Inst @ _______ (HI)________
Forsite__________ (Hr)_________
Ang Right_____________ (1st angle__________)( 2nd angle___________)
Distance_____________ (Zenith Angle)
FS description______________
Move Up
In this format, it looks just like a field book.
The Heights of Rod, and Height of Instrument are optional, in that they don't have to be entered. But the fields are there.
Stakeout Program
BS ______________
Inst @ ____________
outputs Ang Rt, __________and Hd (Horizontal Dist) ______________

This program allows you to seamlessly integrate a couple of Total station shots, with the Javad Program.
I know there are 32,000 ways to do this.
But, PUT IT IN THERE. So we can Integrate things. I mean, the LACK of this is a bigger problem, than HOW to do it. Put it there, even if it is not fully thought through.
Thank you,

Matt Johnson

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The ability to enter total station data for collecting points already exists with Total Station Collect and Traverse.



You can also use the Triangle function to stake the horizontal position of points with a total station.



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Hi Matt,

That is real interesting and I am happy we have the TS collect function and long wanted this! I never knew it was here and clumsily used the other "Traverse" function.
But how on God's green earth was I to know that it would be stuffed in the "Stakes" menu? It does not show in the manual either....
It would have made sense if it were next to the other "Traverse" routine. It also would be nice to be able to assign it to a soft key in collect or better yet have it part of the "Survey by Offsets" menu already assignable to soft keys.


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Or better yet, allow the LS to connect via bluetooth directly to the total station. It's not often we need to use the total station, but there are instances when a point is deep into a ravine, under a hemlock, or just too close to building to get a fixed solution. Having to export a file from the LS to USB stick, transfer it to the data collector, shoot the point and add it back into the LS is a time consuming process. That is one thing I honestly miss from using the TOPCON equipment in the past. Sure you can use the functions above, but that really opens the the door to human error in my opinion.