Can a DPOS report be changed to another SPC zone?

Wes Hand

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Im am using the processing feature and I have a base location that is on the fringe of GA East/West Zones. By default, its picking the zone I do not want. The interface on the website has the appearance that I can change or pick a coordinate system but I dont see any drop down options or instructions on how to change it. See screen shot below. Anyone have an answer? Under report coordinate system it has Auto. This would be handy if we could change the projection/coordinate system.


Bryan Enfinger

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I've had this same problem until I entered our state plane code "SC 3900" under "Report Coordinate System". I usually check my office PP against DPOS when in doubt. I use "Justin 3" for PP, pretty neat software once you get a hang of it. I like using it !

Wes Hand

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Thanks for the input. I will give that a try. The whole issue arrived due to NGS having one of our counties associated in the wrong zone. Per GA legislation the county was and is in the west zone but any OPUS solutions or search for the state plane zone on the NGS website depicted East zone. I reached out to NGS after I started the post and they agreed it had been in error for years and promplty updated. Within days of notifying them, both OPUS & DPOS solutions now have the correct zone automatically showing the west zone. Happy happy

Wes Hand

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Well it worked yesterday but not today...I tried GA 1002 for the west zone and it still spit out values in the east (1001)

Alexey Razumovsky

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Hello Wes,

The only way to make DPOS report in user defined CS is an import of suitable *.jcs file ( >> GeoData >> Import).

Before sending jps file check in a box "Private coordinate system". "NAD83(2011) / Georgia West" should appear in a drop down menu.

J-Field and JustinLink(free) can generate jcs files.


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Wes Hand

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How do you generate the jcs file or where is if found on LS (jfield)? The one that was attached in the previous post is using geoid12b and didnt appear to apply the seperation as both the ortho & ellipsoid height are the same.


USER: DATE: 2/10/2023
FILE: 11823A.jps TIME: 11:21:27 PM

SOFTWARE: Justin v.3(10/29/2021 8:07:17 AM) START: 1/18/2023 3:48:16 PM
EPHEMERIS: brdc STOP: 1/18/2023 7:23:31 PM
OBS USED: 17146 / 21109 TIME SPAN: 215
ANT HEIGHT: Slant(SHMP) 5.010(sf) OVERALL RMS: 0.058(sf)
ANT DELTA N/E/H:0.000/0.000/0.000

REF FRAME: NAD83(2011)(EPOCH:2010.0000) ITRF2014 (EPOCH:2023.0479)

X: 2156329.407(sf) 0.010(sf) 2156326.503(sf) 0.010(sf)
Y: -17808398.404(sf) 0.048(sf) -17808393.430(sf) 0.048(sf)
Z: 10738705.388(sf) 0.032(sf) 10738704.920(sf) 0.032(sf)

LAT: N 31° 04' 34.82783" 0.011(sf) N 31° 04' 34.85088" 0.011(sf)
E LON: E 276° 54' 14.57040" 0.037(sf) E 276° 54' 14.54420" 0.037(sf)
W LON: W 83° 05' 45.42960" 0.037(sf) W 83° 05' 45.45580" 0.037(sf)
EL HGT: 116.461(sf) 0.044(sf) 111.691(sf) 0.044(sf)
ORTHO HGT: 116.461(sf) 0. 044(sf) [NAVD88 (Computed using GEOID12B)]

UTM (Zone 17) SPC (NAD83(2011) / Georgia West)
Northing (Y) [ survey fee11285905.350 393062.656
Easting (X) [ survey feet984401.728 2631782.068
Convergence [degrees] -1.08319323 0.55272881
Point Scale 1.00009319 1.00002872
Combined Factor 1.00008762 1.00002314

Wes Hand

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I downloaded Justin Link and went to the video lessons but I got lost real quick. I also attempted to read through the pdf instruction manual but with no luck. Thank you

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
I did jcs with Justin Link.
I am not confident where jcs should be in TLS. Maybe Shawn knows?
Alexey, I checked every place I could think of - Project Archive, Coordinate Systems, and Export, in the LS. I did not see a reference to the JCS. I thought for sure I had seen it in there at one time, but I am probably remembering incorrectly. It is good to hear from you.