Duplicate localization names...

John Thompson

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...should not be allowed.

Eric Tweet

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I've recently been noticing this.

It frequently seems to happen AFTER I create a new localization, and give it a unique name... it seems to "forget" what I've named it and reverts to the project name.

If that's not obnoxious enough, there are times when I've cleared out all of the points from a localization and saving it, and it still shows a number inside the little "house" icon, as though there were still points being used.

A bit confusing trying to determine which localization I was working on, and whether it's mistakenly still got points that it thinks it should be using "behind the scenes"... My typical solution is a Scorched Earth approach, where I delete the design data on any pages using that localization, set those pages back to the default or projected system, delete the confusing localization, and then start from scratch. Time consuming, unfortunately, but the only way I can guarantee to myself that something funny isn't going on...

John Thompson

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Thanks, Eric. I should have been more clear in my original post. There is a bug here that is more than a minor nuisance with localization names. I've noticed behavior like you described too, but I haven't taken the time to figure out what's going on. Scorched Earth works, but it's time consuming.


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It may be a coincidence, but I notice this happens more often if I create the local system by editing the page and coordinate system during the import process. My least "glitchy" routine has been to go to the coordinate system page directly from the home screen, create the local coordinate system, set it as the coordinate system on the desired page, then import the points to that page.