Justin GNSS+INS post processing

Nistorescu Sorin

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In a side-by-side trajectory comparison between T3 and LS, probably T3 could gain some advantages because of the internal (calibration-free, immune to magnetic disturbances) IMU. Even in an unobstructed scenario with simple RTK, IMU should help T3 by smoothing the position accuracy avoiding any GNSS jump that could occur from various reasons in the field.

Trajectory job in urban/mountain canyons could be a difficult task for the LS with RTK/RTPK. Justin/DPOS could help initial LS RTK results by forward/backward post processing, but I think combining IMU data in a T3 *.jps file and an enhanced version of Justin/DPOS+IMU option, will make some the real differences for our surveying life.

Sensor fusion works good in bad environments.