Localize to two different local systems?

I have used localize to create the relationship to my GPS survey point in state plane to an existing survey map.
Is it possible to do another localization to a new ground traverse in another local coordinate system using localization?
I could just do this back at the office with Carlson Survey, but this sounded like a fun possibility.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
As Matt said it is definitely possible and very easy to do. Having done it, the only warning I would have is that you DO NOT create a localization with another localization system as the underlying system. In other words, if Local System 1 is built on State Plane, then don't try to build Local System 2 on Local System 1, build Local System 2 on State Plane or some other pre-loaded system (geodetic or grid doesn't matter).
I think that what you are describing happened to me a few weeks ago when I tried to call you and eventually spoke with John Evers. I believe that I chose my current "working" coordinate system for the project rather than the local when saving or some point. This had the effect of shifting my state plane to my local and my locals were shifted the same amount to some extreme negative coordinates.

I would think that I would follow the same method as my initial localization but when I choose localize, the first solution is there. How do I get a clear screen to start another? I tried picking the coord system box under design, but it won't use my second local system when I input that name.
When I try to create new one I select the new (house), enter name. Name is accepted, I select state plane as underlying system, select ok. Goes back to coordinate system list but does not have my new local listed.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
Give me a call when you can hook it up to RAMS and we'll take a look. 903-985-0102

The problem you described with coordinates in negative values is not what I was describing with having a local system built on a local system. What you experienced was importing points using the incorrect coordinate system.
I did call Shawn on this issue and found that the basic problem was that the new system name I was trying to create was "M&E trav". At Shawn's suggestion, I tried it as M and E trav and that worked so apparently there is a problem with using the & symbol in the name.
After that the localization with a second local system worked great and they all came together nicely.

Nate The Surveyor

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You can have theoretically as many localizations, as there are pages, minus one. (one has to be spc, and 'momma' to all those 'babies' or localizations)

Matt Johnson

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Actually there is no limit to the number of local coordinate systems or localizations that be contained in a project. Design points are assigned an underlying coordinates in the database. This coordinate system is that of the page they are imported into. You can then later change that pages coordinate system and the previous imported points still will have their original underlying coordinate system.