LS Vector Data in Star-Net

Just realized another thing about this Star*Net process.

Above I mentioned that you need to change the file extension from .gfile to .ngs in order for Star*Net to recognize the vector file.

This can be done in the LS by editing the extension prior to exporting.
Cool thing remembers the .ngs extension so you only have to do it once.

Nice little shortcut there!

You can do the same with the C Record file I described in post #10. Change the extension from .txt to .dat in the LS and it remembers it for next time.

Pretty Cool...

Jim Frame

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I almost always edit the g-file to change the point numbers on repeat observations, so I keep the original .gfile for archival purposes, save it as a .ngs file, and edit the latter. (I do something similar with total station raw data files, saving the .rw5 as .rwb and editing the .rwb to fix things like HR and description goofs.)