OK, J-Field, now stay with me!

Eric Tweet

Active Member
Another small functionality request, this time regarding the "Center on Current Position" box. As usual, feel free to point out if this is already an option somewhere I've neglected to investigate!

Currently that button temporarily centers on the current position until a shot is taken, or other such actions. I've noticed that sometimes even zooming in or out reverts back to "not centered" for some reason. I would very much like to have a second click of the Center button "lock" the centering on my position, whether I shoot a point, zoom/pan, pour some coffee, etc. Just follow me around, please, J-Field!

Maybe it's the SurvCE user in me, but I find it a substantially useful feature. And considering my previous post about the green Position icon being quite hard to see on some maps, in sunlight, etc., it would be very nice to have my location always be "front and center", so that at a glance I know that the crosshairs are showing where I am, and not viewing some spot off in the weeds somewhere.

Something like: