Red Exclamation ! Next to Static Icon

Kelly Bellis

ME PLS 2099
I'm not surprised that it's present, but just am not sure what a red exclamation ! means exactly when it appears alongside the static icon.

red exclamation.PNG

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Kelly Bellis

ME PLS 2099
Hi Alexey,

Thank you for your reply.
  1. Will the red ! exclamation always indicate unknown antenna, no matter where it is seen?, for example alongside any icon?
  2. This particular antenna has not been calibrated by Geo++, NGS, nor any agency that I'm aware of. Is it possible in Justin to manually add placeholder data for a given antenna? I've been trying to figure this out, but I cannot find the Antenna Manager in Justin v2.124.164.24 that's discussed in the Justin_Software_Manual v1.1 dated 20201019 beginning on page 92. The Antenna Properties window has the Add button grayed out.

Alexey Razumovsky

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A1. A Recordset in Justin 2 means a couple of Receiver ID + Antenna ID. Instead of jps file that may contain multiple Receiver ID (1 rover + X bases) and multiple antennas ( dual/ quattro antennas Receiver)


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A2. The Antenna Properties window has the Add button grayed out until the name of the new antenna is entered. Please see attached movie.


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