T-2 has a crack in it

Nate The Surveyor

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My nice t-2 has a crack in it.
Here's my question. Can I glue it? If so, what kind of glue?
Can I buy a replacement top for the t-2?
And, has the quality issue for this green plastic ever been addressed?
My old topcon leg-ant antennas were lots of tough.


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The top can be replaced but I think it will probably need to go to the factory. Mine had cracks before it was replaced when I was San Jose a couple years ago. I think putting something on it like silicone to keep the water out until you replace would be a good idea.

Brad Thompson

New Member
One of the corners on our Triumph-2 has cracked as well. The case with the rubber corners was installed on our Triumph-2 when it was sent in for the board upgrade.

Duane Frymire

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Mine has developed cracks again as well. Was replaced before the rubber corners came out. I wonder if some sort of epoxy could be added to the mix to make it stronger?