Time for a couple new antennae's...


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Well I had my T3 setup today using the internal radio as I was surveying a smaller 10 acre tract. While shooting one of the corners, the LS told me the base had shifted so I immediately went to check it out. The friendly horse on the property decided he liked the blue tooth and radio antenna for a snack and chewed them up pretty good. So, I need a new blue tooth and radio antenna.

Thankfully he did not damage the ports on the T3 itself. This is a first time I have had any animals actually chew up the equipment. Been knocked over more than a few times and had one cow leave a lot of slobber all over it but in all those cases there was no damage.

I am hoping antennas aren't on backorder as it seems everything else I need to buy in this world is backordered.


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Nate The Surveyor

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Type: "portable electric fence charger horses" into your favorite search engine.
You can get several varieties. For trail rides. Buy some fiberglass driveway markers, to string up some plastic stainless elec fence wire.
This works well, to keep livestock away from your base.


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Thanks for the info Nate! I never thought of that. I have read a lot on these forums and am very appreciative of some of the tips and tricks others have shown.

On a side note, the previous order I made online last month was acknowledged but no follow ups were provided. I really need the blue tooth and UHF antennae and now I need the Triumph-LS 1/4-20 to 5/8-11 Thread Adaptor as soon as possible. What is the best way to purchase these accessories?
I slid in a less than graceful fashion down a creek bank with my LS+ and the UHF antenna somehow stripped off the outer covering. It looked a bit like what you have left in your picture. It surprisingly still worked until the new one showed up.


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Probably to call your Javad sales guy. Are you in USA? Probably Matt Sibole. (As he took Glutings place).
The whole sales device for Javad could use a new web site, and they don't have it.
Like CLICK and BUY.
My gut feeling is that a revamp of this minutia is in the works.... but slow!
I agree about the click and buy option but I guess they are setup up differently than Amazon lol.

Yup I am in Texas. I did email Michael Glutting as he was my original sales guy but have not got a response from him so it sounds like he is no longer there. It looks like Shawn is here in Texas as well so maybe I should reach out to him.