Triumph-1 "fix" Problem


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Dear All,

Fyi, Indonesia had a CORS system (NTRIP service) since 5 years ago using leica spyder.

Now, about since a year ago, Yogyakarta (a district in java island) had own cluster system with 4 base station using leica spyder also.
They have problems with their Javad Triumph-1 receiver (now, the unit in our office, in my hand)-->
S/N 04229 with victor Tracy 2.40.

There are their problem :
1. T-1 had difference coordinate after reset receiver at one BM/point (condition : fixed solution)
2. T-1 had difference distance at two point measurement compare with other brand : Leica and trimble. up to 50 cm (half meter), this is also fixed condition.

so, more simple i can say, fix solution on tracy at this T-1 are wrong.
I dont know the algorytm, but, why Tracy say "fix" but in the field are wrong, after check using other brand and also using measuring tape for distance at two points.
Firmware already upgrade and also downgrade.

Next week, Feb 28th, i have plan to go there (Yogyakarta) to check , and i need your live support.