Triumph-2 Case Cracking

My T2 corners are cracking again. I just noticed one corner is completely gone! The opposite corner is beginning to crack.
The cover was replaced just a little over a year ago. This T2 has been used very little and has been well maintained. They are kept in the case that came with the system.
There definitely a flaw in this design.


Andrey Simonov

Dear Donald,
Be sure to back up all data and projects prior to shipping your system for repair as data may be lost during the restoration process.
Print an attached file. Enclose it in the parcel with RMA unit.
GNSS RMA # JG18092031
Ship to: JAVAD GNSS Inc
Address: 900 Rock Avenue
San Jose, California 95131
Attention: Kyle Crittendon
Tel: + (408) 770-1770
Provide us with the following information needed to return the unit back to you:

Return Address: ______________________________________
Company: _______________________________________
Att.: _______________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________

Best regards, Andrey.


I was never notified, by email, of any upgrades. I do remembering seeing the "Who Moved My Base Station ad and assume this is Rev. 7 which I don't think is worth the upgrade cost for that feature, alone. My question is what happened with Rev 4 through 6 and am I entitled to any of those upgrades without cost?

Matt Johnson

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Board version 4 or greater is needed for Who Moved My Base. Versions 5, 6 and 7 would have come after version 4 as improvements to the design are periodically made. An offer was emailed to customers with versions less than 4 so that they could upgrade to the current board and have the Base Guard features available.

Matt Johnson

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The upgrade offer I received last year stated a price of $500. What's behind the 40% drop in price?
This receive is already at the factory and being disassembled for other repairs. I would assume $300 is the additional cost that it would take to upgrade and replace the board.

Patrick Garner

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My T-2 is virtually new. One crack showing in one corner. Screw was not tightened too far, so it appears to be a small design issue. I can't imagine it affecting performance.

Matt Johnson

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Donald, they have started upgrading it to Rev. 7 but they still need to know the shipping and billing address to ship it to after the repairs are made.
I don't know what the problem is. I sent the RMA information inside my package per the instructions.. Then, I sent my information, again, via email on 10/15/2018. Now I sent this information again, today to the email address you want it sent to. What else do I need to do?

When I shipped my T2, I included all of the return information on the RMA form that I placed inside the shipment package. This information has been requested an additional 4 times and each time I replied with the shipping and billing address.

I replied to your email and to Andrey's email. Can you confirm that you and Andrey received my email and/or posts?

FYI... The last time I sent my T2 in for repair, I was not getting any reply from my emails.

I need my T2 returned ASAP because I have a large job on hold.