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Paul Quagge

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I recently updated my triumph 2, see attached. I connected my Victor and it reported no updates available. I got good reception while connected to a RTN, I do not have a base set-up, and checked measured against record and it agreed. In the Victor while in the collect screen it said "Fixed" I received 1 of 3 or none at all but it was not floating and kept returning accurate measurements that agreed with record.

The Victor used to regularly report 3 of 3...4/3....6/3.

Has anyone run into this? Can anyone remote in and take a look?

Thanks, Paul


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I'd like to follow up on this and hopefully Paul can get an answer that helps with his unit. I worked with this for him by Rams 2 days ago and I agree with Shawn it appears the incorrect firmware is installed. We did not change this because he recalled that Mat Johnson worked with him previously and set some things up as a work around for him to be able to use RTN with his T2 receiver. I was unsure if that was the case or not (work around with firmware).

At any rate one thing that was clear was it was not opp operating as it should in that even though the Jfield showed RTK fix and epochs collecting it never ever registered anything in the confidence category (buckets) and nothing at all showed in the engine display screen, it just appeared to have 6 engines with no satelites at all. The result being it would not complete any verify/validate results and he needs to just manually stop and store without that function working.

Is it possible for a developer to add some insight on this issue for us?