Victor LS

Bryan Enfinger

Active Member
Is the Victor LS /T2 system been thrown to the wayside ? Since I've bought mine, I think there has been maybe two updates. Although I'm a certified office Surveyor by my brother, I enjoy getting out sometimes and using my system. It's stable and can basically go anywhere the Triumph LS units can if you have the patience. Mine is used with the state RTN service and it's a stable system as I never had any problems with it for the last 4-5 years.

I'm surprised also Javad has not really promoted the Victor LS system as an entry system for people who want to get into the GNSS world. I really like mine and take it home every day if I need it.

I'd like to see some additional updates such as a new Linux operating system or the possibility of RTPK if using a local base via radio RTK. I'd also like to be able to download the VRS raw data to PP if needed. Just some kind of any update would be nice just to know Javad hasn't ended support for the system.

I really like mine and I know it works when I need it.