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    Button Colors

    Eugene mentioned in another post about colorblind users and re-design of screens and buttons. I like that the distance to last button changes to a green background when the distance to last is small, but I have a hard time reading yellow text on a green field. The black buttons have yellow...
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    What is SNRM?

    I see it in the UHF settings.
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    If tilt is on…. And you press start….

    I have described in another thread how I have my profiles set up to be able to toggle the tilt compensator with a single button press, indicate on the action screen whether it is on or not, and make different tones for tilt on and tilt off. I'm all for the proposed icon on the compass button...
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    Full Backup and Restore

    I found another setting that does not get automatically set by Full Backup and Restore. RTN APN settings. Home>Setup>Edit General Group>Change settings and press Next until RTN APN. I had to create a new RTN APN then edit it to specify RTN Interface, Protocol, Client settings, and Receive format.
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    Full Backup and Restore

    There have been a couple threads recently about migrating settings from one LS to another. My LS had to make a return to the factory (no, it didn't get upgraded to LS+) so I have recently been through the process of transferring everything to the loaner unit and back. I made some notes on the...
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    Changing rod height?

    I had more numbers than that in the memory list and also several profiles that I recently added. I suspect that with the last update it reverted to an old list.
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    Changing rod height?

    Sent project Test to support SN 319.
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    Changing rod height?

    I'd still like to have a one-touch recall last button.
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    Changing rod height?

    Are the antenna height profiles and antenna height memory lists stored in the General Group Profiles? I had a bunch of them the other day but they are all gone now. I tried recalling the other General Group Profiles and they aren't there either.
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    Localization Issue? or Page Issue

    Would it be difficult to make Underlying Coordinate System default to the project coordinate system? I always change it to the project coordinate system. That would save some clicks and eliminate some blunders.
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    Thanks. Yes, I was standing beside the base/transmitter.
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    What is the meaning of the red stripe on the UHF icon?
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    A Minor Bug, in Stakeout:

    The Next button changes to Select when From Map is chosen.
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    Hardware status out of range

    I sent my LS to San Jose with an RMA. Haven't heard back yet about it. Working with a loaner unit (SN 319). Today the loaner unit said Hardware status out of range and gave me this screen. I must be hard on LO locking loops...
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    Changing rod height?

    I would like to have a button on the antenna height screen that would recall the last antenna height with one touch. It would be useful for times when I change the height for one or a few shots and then I want to change it back to what it was before. I often switch between two antenna heights...